Friday, November 04, 2005

blue !!

Normal I don't make quilts in one color. But I fell in love on a antique quilt in a magazine. After years I decided to reproduce the quilt . This quilt is made again all by the hand. See, I don't use a border. I think it really don't need one. Just like in the old days :c). I quilt it with a fan pattern. Lovely for quilt with a antique look !

I will say to you all that it is so great to read your comments. This weekend I hope I can post my 6 post which I need to have for beeing a member of your maverick . So there are comming more quilts.



Finn said...

I love the fans and the antique look of your quilt. Very nice work indeed !

Bonnie said...

Wow! the quilting of those fans shows up so nice in the photo! I think the blue quilt has everything I love about quilting in old feel, an old pattern, lots of fabrics, fans, and it makes you want to wrap up in it!

You DO want to be in quilt mavericks so that we can click to your blog easily, and you can visit ours in the ring too!


Darcie said...


Your quilts make me feel so comfortable...warm. And they also feel and look as if they have years of history bound into them!

Can't wait for you to join the Quilt Mavericks!!! Keep're almost there!


Sarah said...

Lucy -

I love this blue quilt! You are right - it has an old feel to it. I may have to reproduce your reproduction!

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