Monday, November 28, 2005

Busy days

Between all those busy days, and all the quilts which 'needed to be done'. I want to satisfied myself with a little one.. This is what I have for so far. And now it is cooking time again. I love to make a little dollquilt because the quilting part is not so big ;c) And I can finish it in a short time.



Finn said...

Oh Lucy, you are right...what a great way to get satifaction! Both piecing it and then getting to quilt it..I LOVE the little 9 much fun...*VBS*

Dawn said...

I like small ones now and then to feel like I finished something also! And doll quilts are so great for decorating with! On tables and backs of chairs, etc.

It is really cute!

Holly said...

I like your "littles". They are so pretty. Seeing yours has motivated me to try making my own littles.

Bonnie said...

I love this! The background fabric looks REALLY's going to be great. How big are the 9 patch blocks?


Darcie said...

Oh so tiny, Lucy! It's darling! I love the fabric that you've used for the alternate squares and triangles. Very antique looking.

Glad you shared! Sounds like you've motivated lots more into making some "littles."


Sharon said...

I'd love to be the doll sleeping under this little gem!