Saturday, November 05, 2005


For a few month ago I found finaly my featherweight 222K (yes, a free arm!!) I am so happy with him... he is displayed on my mantelpiece . Everytime when I come into my livingroom I see my baby!
Yesterday I found in my mailbox in the shop a featherweight book ! ( the quiltshop where I work) Kees, the husband from the shopowner, ordered it for me. A big surprise . Yesterday evening I was quiet in the house . Busy with reading the book ......


Finn said...

Oh Lucy...he's a beautiful baby !
You are such a lucky lady..a baby and a book !!!

Dawn said...

Oh Lucy! I love this quilt! And the fan quilting is perfect for it! Your work is so beautiful!

I missed all your posts while I was gone so I'm having a grand time now catching up!

Dawn said...

Oh your featherweight machine is gorgeous too! (oops I posted about the pretty quilt on the featherweight comments - oh well)!

I've been wanting to find a beautiful featherweight like that! Your one lucky lady!