Saturday, November 05, 2005


I have also my leads and enders. Learned from Bonnie :c). Only mine are so small. They are from my smallest pieces I cut. Everything smaller I throw away. The squares are cut 2.5 cm (1 inch) . The little quilts are finished about 10 by 8 inch . When I am sewing there is always one daughter who like it to lay out a light upto a dark square for me. I like it to make a very small quilt between all the big ones. Just to give myself satisfied. I have a little hanger where I displayed the quilts.


Carolyn said...

I haven't read the blogs for a few days, so I'm sorry I missed your debut! Welcome to our little world, it's great to have you! Your quilts are beautiful, I can't wait to see more. I especially love these little ones!

Finn said...

Hi Lucy, welcome to Quilt glad to have you with us..and I know Bonnie is thrilled !!
I love your little's so satifying to make the small ones in between the bigger ones.
Gwen Marston said "you can never have too many little quilts"...and she should know. I read that she now has made more than 350 small quilts ! WOW !!
Keep up the great work.

Sarah said...

Lucy -

So glad to have you with us! Can't wait to see more of your great quilts!


Darcie said...

So happy that you have joined us Quilt Mavericks, Lucy!

I love your "Littles."

Speaking of "Littles," one of my friends used to make a lot of baby quilts to give away. She used to make a matching "Dolly Quilt" to go with it...either for Mommy or for a big sister to enjoy.


Dawn said...

I LOVE your little quilts also! Oh I want to come to your house now and touch and feel all of these! They are gorgeous!

I agree, I like to make some small projects with the big projects for that feeling of accomplishment also!