Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Geese block

I got a question from Tracey and also from Dawn and her friend what the sizes are from the 'geese Ufo'. So I decided to make a little direction like Bonnie :c) .

I made this quilt with these two rulers from EZ . they are lovely to use with strips . I also used them for the fourth UFO :c)

In this quilt I do the 'innertriangle' from colors medium/dark .
First I cut a lot of strips in the size 2 inch . And then I cut them like as you can see at the picture with the companion angle ruler.
I saved them in a basket.

I choose light fabric like shirtings for the triangles
to make the geese complete. I also cut 2 inch strips. and
then I make triangles with the easy angle . I sew
both triangles to a geese and then three geeses together

Now they only need a triangle up and on the bottom. Because they are on the outsite from the block, it is better to make them with the grain on the short site of the triangle . So cut these triangles from 2 5/8 inch strips . Use the easy angle to cut the trianlges. You will see that it is not a perfect size to follow a line on the ruler. But that doesn't matter , it is important to lay the ruler straight ! (look at the picture) . the fabric is a bit under the line and that is good!

So now we have a row with geeses! We only need to make the side triangles.

I make them from meduim /dark fabric.
Cut a 3 5/8 inch strip and cut the triangles with the easy angle !
You also see that the size doesn't follow a line on the ruler. But that doesn't matter only this size will fit perfect.

Lay the triangle to your 'geese row' as you see at the picture.And sew . Also make on at the other site.


Tah Dahh.... here is your block :c)

pffffff.... this was hard to do for me in english. I miss some words but I hope I am clear.



Tonya R said...

The instructions are very clear. I'm impressed that you sew with real triangles, rather than rectangles and squares (and then cut off the extra). I love all the fabrics you're using.

The Calico Cat said...

Very clear! Thanks. (I had one of those rulers, I wonder if I still do or where it is.....)

Dawn said...

Lucy! Your english instructions were perfect! I have both these rulers and totally understand your directions! I have got to start working on these in the new year! I love these blocks!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

Finn said...

Lucy, you did a fantastic job on the directions...perfectly clear!

And giving the size of the strip is the real key, plus the method. Thank you for sharing that..*VBS* I know it's extra work to take all the pictures as well as write out the directions!
You are a great teacher!!!! Hugs, Finn

Nancy said...

Your instructions were very easy to follow. I've been looking at the picture of your UFO and trying to decide if I wanted to try one. I think I have both of those rulers so I think I'll put them on my list. Looks like one more quilt I can kit up when I dig thru my scrap bins this weekend.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your directions are perfectly clear - and a picture is worth 1000 words. Great job and a wonderful pattern to use up a big variety of fabrics.

Thanks for sharing.



The Calico Cat said...

I posted a photo of my quilt where I used this ruler... :o)

Leah S said...

Great directions! I have the center triangle, but just couldn't understand how it was supposed to make geese. Now I see I need to buy the side triangle, and I'm set! Thank you Lucy!! :)

Holly said...

Thank you for the instructions to this block, Lucy. The technique reminds me of Bonnie's String X. I love anything that has to do flying geese.

JudyL said...

Lucy: Your English is great! Thanks so much for the directions! I like that block a lot!

Judy L.

Maggie Ann said...

What a good tutorial!

Sheila said...

Lucy, thank you for sharing your UFOs and the directions for this block! You did a great job with the explanation. I think I want to make this with my scraps.