Monday, December 12, 2005


First I will thank you all for your kind congratulations!!! So great to find that all at my blog.

We have had a wonderfull tripp to Maastricht . A very old city in the south of The Netherlands. A real shopping city and so we DID!!! I never have shopped in my live so much. So now we have the time for that and it was great to have my hubby with me so that he can tell me which jeans fitts me very good etc. etc. The hotel was awesome and have a very old romantic atmosphere. At the picture you can see our view from the room. I like to be in a old town and see the old roofs.

For now we are back to basic. We just bought our christmas tree. When the children are home from school we are going to decorate it. You get the pictures.........



Finn said...

Oh Lucy, it looks like a fabulous place...*VBS* I love old roof lines also. Love being in Santa Fe, New Mexico to see all the old red tile roofs.

Glad you are home again..but so happy you had a nice holiday..*S*

Samantha said...

glad you had such a lovely birthday trip- and all that shopping! Yippee!

Dawn said...

Lucy - I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend! And I love the picture of your view out your window at the hotel. It is so much fun to see the old buildings. Here in the US "old" really isn't that old! So I love seeing towns, villages and buildings that are really old with history!

Bonnie said...

Oh..I can imagine what it was like to look out that window over the romantic city! That is such a wonderful birthday trip, you will remember it always!