Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oké, I show you first this UFO

Oké, oké I show you first this UFO. Everyone here in our house have a totally handmade quilt from me.......EXCEPT my son from Pim from 15 !!! ooh oohh shame shame. I start for yeaaaarrrs ago with this quilt.And so now and then I make a block. My son loves sailing. He have his own sailingboat. So this pattern fits to him. I don't know why it is a UFO. Maybe it is that the fabric is not so me? Is it that it is a lot of work to choose everytime new the fabric for marinerspoints???.... I don't know. I love how it turnes out. Also with the bright colors in it ,very summer.I will make it without a border, just only compasses and at the edge halve compasses. And the most important is: Pim likes it!



Finn said...

My oh my, that looks like a lot of piecing..but soooo beautiful!

I think Pim will absolutely love it!! Thank you for sharing, and even a boat picture. *VBS*

Dawn said...

Oh LUCY! I"m so glad you showed me more of this quilt! It is wonderful! The colors and fabrics are great - even if they are not my normal colors. And how wonderful that Pim loves it! (And I LOVE his sail boat!).

Your setting for them is wonderful as well. Maybe I can push you to do some more! They look great!

Too bad Pim loves it - otherwise I would come over and take it from you!

JudyL said...

Lucy: I am amazed at the work you do. Those points are perfect! Your fabric choices are perfect! I understand why Pim loves it!

Judy L.

The Calico Cat said...

Amazing... If it were my UFO, my ecuse would be the difficulty level of the piecing.... (I have easy piecing UFOs.....)

Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see that one finished.

Bonnie said...

Oh yes! You showed Pim's boat! Will you also share a picture of your house? I think everyone would like to see where you live. In fact..I think that would be fun for everyone, to post a picture of where they live :c) Helps us to know each other better!

I love the setting for this quilt. It is definately one that is easier to hand piece than to machine piece I think. It's just WOW....and I know it will be REALLY WOW when you quilt will show so nicely on that tan background!


Samantha said...

Oh, that is so beautiful.... Lovely, Lucy! You can finish!

Joanne said...

What a beautiful quilt -- You'll finish it in no time -- after all, it's for your son!

Tonya R said...

It's taking so long because it is a complicated block and you are doing such a good job with it!