Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I will show you ...

I thought I will post a picture from my little quilt when it is finished . But I love the result for so far so much that I decided to post it immediately .

The finished nine patch are about 1 3/4 inch ( I made this quilt in cm) . The whole size of the quilt is about 18/15 inch . It is a lovely size.

The tiny squares are my last cut from a piece of fabric . Everything smaller I throw away. I save these squares for my leaders and enders. I love to play with them :c)


Monday, November 28, 2005

Busy days

Between all those busy days, and all the quilts which 'needed to be done'. I want to satisfied myself with a little one.. This is what I have for so far. And now it is cooking time again. I love to make a little dollquilt because the quilting part is not so big ;c) And I can finish it in a short time.


Monday, November 21, 2005



I am back from a very,very great retrait !! We have had so much fun together. The pattern we did was great. The result from everyone was lovely.

Here you see what I make . The pattern is from the book Radiant New York Beauties by Valori Wells . The blocks we made are about 6 inch small. ( 15 cm) We enlarged the pattern from the book 150% I like the size very much! It is made on the machine with paperpiecing . Before this I never like paperpiecing, but now......I can't STOP. It is so great with this pattern to see what the fabric is doing. For the corners it is good to use a fabric with a large print . They come out so lovely! So you see it is a difficult block with a great result. I am very enthousiastic and I can recomment you all to try it and make a block !!

Here I am with Karin, she is very good friend !!
I am the one with the glasses :c)

FUN,FUN, FUN, the whole weekend we laughed so much,
that I have now pain in my 'cheekmuscles'

Thursday, November 17, 2005


This weekend I have a retrait. We are going to do New York Beauty. I am doubting if I want to do it scrappy or traditional with the solids red,white and cream...... So I take both kind of fabrics with me. At the picture you can see what I choose from my stash for so far. It is already a treat to look at this fabric :c) . I take my camera with me. So after the weekend I can show you pictures from what we did.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In the begining

This is my quilt where it all started with...... It is a dollquilt for my oldest daughter. I made it with a template, scissors,"wrong"fabric . etc.etc. I wanted to try it first.So I can see if I like it before I bought all the expensive things like ruler, cutter etc.
And I do like it!!

Now my needle "glued"to my fingers, I work in a quiltshop , I become a teacher in the shop , And I am enjoying the maverick's :c) . I love to see on which project you are working on, getting new inspiration and read your comments to me . Girls, I love to talk with you all !!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

I mean...

Look I mean the corners to do like this! I lay it out very quick only for showing what I mean. It is for me time to make dinner for my family. And I have no sewing room for myself. Now my livingroom is filled with fabrics, sewingmachine, block's on the ground...... Oh my...... it is a MESS :c)


New Samplerblocks

So here are my new blocks from this month for my sampler . I thought my quilt was becomming to light So now I make darker blocks. And I think to make the corners also from the dark fabric. And the border too. It is making the quilt warmer. But I am open for comments. What do you think ? ( you can see at the other post*sampler* all my blocks which I have for so far)


Sunday, November 13, 2005


Sometimes I see pictures of lovely kids at your blogs :c) . I thought I would only post quiltpictures. But this picture from my 7 year old daughter Isis is so beautifull ,that I want to share it with you .


Thursday, November 10, 2005

* Sampler *

In the shop we are doing a samplerproject . Kind a block of the month . This is what I have for so far. The block's are about 7 inch. We are doing it without shashings. ( Only if the block's really needed one you can choose for it) we have a lot of woman in the shop who enjoy this project . It is so FUN to see what everybody make with the same patterns!!! I know mine are a bit busy , but that's me :c) And this time I sew it on my machine .

The picture is not so good. It was dark, and the light is not so good in my room. I make a new one a other time.


Monday, November 07, 2005


Yes !!!I got pictures from my quilt which was hanging in a show in France ! It was to far for me to see the show by myself . I am so proud! The quilt is called "Bloemen" which means Flowers.
It is a applique pattern from The Sampler Magazine , only the border is different as from the pattern. . I made the quilt again all by hand. It took me a long time because it ended sometimes as a UFO. The fabric from the flowers are desinged by a Dutch designer "Den Haan en Wagenmakers". If you look on them site you can see beautifull fabric . Reproductions from Dutch traditional clothes. www.dutchquilts.com . They organized also the show in France !


Saturday, November 05, 2005


I have also my leads and enders. Learned from Bonnie :c). Only mine are so small. They are from my smallest pieces I cut. Everything smaller I throw away. The squares are cut 2.5 cm (1 inch) . The little quilts are finished about 10 by 8 inch . When I am sewing there is always one daughter who like it to lay out a light upto a dark square for me. I like it to make a very small quilt between all the big ones. Just to give myself satisfied. I have a little hanger where I displayed the quilts.


For a few month ago I found finaly my featherweight 222K (yes, a free arm!!) I am so happy with him... he is displayed on my mantelpiece . Everytime when I come into my livingroom I see my baby!
Yesterday I found in my mailbox in the shop a featherweight book ! ( the quiltshop where I work) Kees, the husband from the shopowner, ordered it for me. A big surprise . Yesterday evening I was quiet in the house . Busy with reading the book ......

Friday, November 04, 2005

blue !!

Normal I don't make quilts in one color. But I fell in love on a antique quilt in a magazine. After years I decided to reproduce the quilt . This quilt is made again all by the hand. See, I don't use a border. I think it really don't need one. Just like in the old days :c). I quilt it with a fan pattern. Lovely for quilt with a antique look !

I will say to you all that it is so great to read your comments. This weekend I hope I can post my 6 post which I need to have for beeing a member of your maverick . So there are comming more quilts.


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bonnie and me !

I met Bonnie on internet about more than 1.5 years ago. It was just that I met my sister. We have so much in common that we never stop writing to each other. And believe me it still isn't boring.
Last spring I visit Bonnie for a week. My husband René encourage me to go .(after a trouble year with the health of my dad) He took free for a week from his job to take care about our 4 children . (One daughter is mentally handicapted). So this Mom took the plane to the USA all alone. ( this was the second time I fly in my whole almost 40 years live) . From the first moment I met bonnie it was so GREAT!! We have had so much fun together. I will share this picture with you. I took it in a mirror. We were in a antique shop trying those old hats!


ps. A week wasn't enough to see all the quilts from Bonnie.

Thank you!

It was so great to wake up this morning !! I found all your great and warm words to welcome me. I got blushes on my cheeks when I see all the compliments, special from Bonnie! It feel great to enjoy this circle of quiltfriends.

You asked for more quilts. If I do everyday one it looks like I made a lot :c) .

This is a quilt made by dutch fabric, some antique from original dutch clothes. Some new .
I bought these fabric during our sailingvacation over the ducth waters. The quilt is called "Save Harbour". In one piece of fabric is still the little hook from the old costume. I need to make a picture from that . So it is comming soon . The quilt is all made by hand, also the piecing and the binding! I wish the colors on the pictures where better. Just like in real .


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

first post


I am busy to find out how this all will work. This is my first post . It should be about quilting . That part is comming soon . As soon as I know what I have to do .

Yess,, I just found out to load a picture. So you all can see on which quilt I am working on . ( actually my last one, I am busy with so many quilts.....)