Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This is not my bedroom ......

I am cleaning my map on my computer! ( I think I better can clean my closets just like Bonnie, LOL) And I found this picture!!! I scanned it from a book by Nancy J. Martin. Isn't the quilt a beauty !!!! I love the whole picture..... the bed , the chest,dresses, everything.


UFO number 5

This is the next UFO I will show you. Once Bonnie was busy with this block and I liked it! Easy to make ( hè Bonnie, I never seen yours finished ;c) Actually I would make a quilt from my "Ugly" fabric and try to machine quilt it! Well, I saw soon that it was become so nice so I added also nice fabric in it. And now all my girls in my house like it ( so do I ) and I don't dare to machine quilt it. It is so difficult to do! And I have no experience with it. It is now on my pile for handquilting.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Geese block

I got a question from Tracey and also from Dawn and her friend what the sizes are from the 'geese Ufo'. So I decided to make a little direction like Bonnie :c) .

I made this quilt with these two rulers from EZ . they are lovely to use with strips . I also used them for the fourth UFO :c)

In this quilt I do the 'innertriangle' from colors medium/dark .
First I cut a lot of strips in the size 2 inch . And then I cut them like as you can see at the picture with the companion angle ruler.
I saved them in a basket.

I choose light fabric like shirtings for the triangles
to make the geese complete. I also cut 2 inch strips. and
then I make triangles with the easy angle . I sew
both triangles to a geese and then three geeses together

Now they only need a triangle up and on the bottom. Because they are on the outsite from the block, it is better to make them with the grain on the short site of the triangle . So cut these triangles from 2 5/8 inch strips . Use the easy angle to cut the trianlges. You will see that it is not a perfect size to follow a line on the ruler. But that doesn't matter , it is important to lay the ruler straight ! (look at the picture) . the fabric is a bit under the line and that is good!

So now we have a row with geeses! We only need to make the side triangles.

I make them from meduim /dark fabric.
Cut a 3 5/8 inch strip and cut the triangles with the easy angle !
You also see that the size doesn't follow a line on the ruler. But that doesn't matter only this size will fit perfect.

Lay the triangle to your 'geese row' as you see at the picture.And sew . Also make on at the other site.


Tah Dahh.... here is your block :c)

pffffff.... this was hard to do for me in english. I miss some words but I hope I am clear.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

I wish you all a


With Love, Peace and Joy !!!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

My fourth UFO

Today I will show you my fourth UFO. Actually I start it and I have only nine blocks.
I will reproduce a antique quilt from which I found a picture on internet . I love the colors , I love the business in it and also the simplicity ! And now I also think this quilt is very Maverick :c) !!! On the picture from the antique quilt I can see clear the blocks. I start with mine and it is not so easy to make it ! The blocks won't show up so nice as in the original. But I think I need to go on and when I have more they will show up better!!

As you can see at my picture, the weather is here still grey and dark. Even with my flashlight the pictures are a bit to dark . I crave to a bit of sunshine :c)


Wednesday, December 21, 2005



A few days ago I got from Gerda ,who owns the guild library, a very interesting new book to read! ( the book is from Good Books I am busy with reading the first pages and Oh my , it is already so interesting that I will share it with you . When you enlarge two times the picture with the text you can read it! I love always history stories from woman. It is the other history we didn't learn at school. But so interesting!! Read the first page and I am sure you want more :c)


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Teacher !!

Yesterday I gave my first class to a special group. It was for me to try if everything went oké and for the shopowner to see if I can make it. My students was the quiltgroup from the shopower. 12 Nice Lady's :c) . The class I was doing was this String Star. I saw the pattern at Bonnie's house. I love it immediately and decided to make one from all my fabrics I bought in America. Because the fabric here is so expensive , 17 dollar a yard you will understand that I bought a big suitcase full with fabric to bring home:c) . So this quilt is called "America Memories". It is very scrappy. The background is dark purple. Because the stars are not comming out very beautifull I decide to make a another one for the class.

I think that customers like this more. It is more organized :c). I got yesterday all enthousiatic reactions!!! They love it all. And now it is on the program for next season two times !!! I also have next season Two samplergroups to teach by my own. I am so Happy !!! Now I am a reall teacher in the shop !!

btw , the purple stars are one of my UFO's and the other is a quilt where I am working on now. I hope it will be finished in two weeks :c)


ps. The light is dark here today :c(. so the pictures are a bit dark too....

Saturday, December 17, 2005

second UFO

This is my second UFO I will show you . I love how it turns out for so far . I made it with two EZ rulers which I bought in the States when I visited Bonnie. I saw a sample like this in a quiltshop as a little quilt. I decided to make a bigger one.. UUhh It is not so big now. It is now a UFO *lolol*.Once you will see it all finished , I promise :c)


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oké, I show you first this UFO

Oké, oké I show you first this UFO. Everyone here in our house have a totally handmade quilt from me.......EXCEPT my son from Pim from 15 !!! ooh oohh shame shame. I start for yeaaaarrrs ago with this quilt.And so now and then I make a block. My son loves sailing. He have his own sailingboat. So this pattern fits to him. I don't know why it is a UFO. Maybe it is that the fabric is not so me? Is it that it is a lot of work to choose everytime new the fabric for marinerspoints???.... I don't know. I love how it turnes out. Also with the bright colors in it ,very summer.I will make it without a border, just only compasses and at the edge halve compasses. And the most important is: Pim likes it!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005


And....... I didn't tell you which UFOs are in my mind :c) I can't count them * LOL*
I really really want to handquilt a sunburst that is my special "mindUFO"


UFO mess......

We all have our UFOs. I see at a lot of blogs that some have made a list . I think that is also a very good idea for me :c) . For now I see only my UFO stash growing..... I pick all my unfinished objects and lay them on my couch. (some tops are done some not) Auuugh that are a lot. More as I expected :c(.. I also see that my newest UFO "new york beauty "is not laying there. That is one more. If you are interested to see a ufo better let me know, I will lay it out for you,take a picture and tell more about it. ( and the excuse why it isn't finished :c)


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Look at this mess!!!

I read more and more at your blogs to stop buying fabric. This is my stash . I know it is a mess. But the problem is when I clean this closet I will sew at that moment. I think I don't have to stop buying fabric when I see all yours :c) . Everytime when I buy fabric I think: oohhhh I don't have so much as...... So don't sew to much fabric otherwise I need to stop too *LOL*


Monday, December 12, 2005


First I will thank you all for your kind congratulations!!! So great to find that all at my blog.

We have had a wonderfull tripp to Maastricht . A very old city in the south of The Netherlands. A real shopping city and so we DID!!! I never have shopped in my live so much. So now we have the time for that and it was great to have my hubby with me so that he can tell me which jeans fitts me very good etc. etc. The hotel was awesome and have a very old romantic atmosphere. At the picture you can see our view from the room. I like to be in a old town and see the old roofs.

For now we are back to basic. We just bought our christmas tree. When the children are home from school we are going to decorate it. You get the pictures.........


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

three blocks

Coming friday is my birthday . I become 40 !!!. Live begins ...... ;c) . My husband take me for a few days to Maastricht. He booked a lovey hotel. And we are going shopping!!!! and that all without kids.

I am now busy with my samplerblocks for this month. I need to make five. Three are ready. I love how they come out. And I am now thinking that I wish I make the whole quilt in these colors. If I have all five blocks I will lay my sampler out and show you what I have for so far:c) .


Sunday, December 04, 2005


Today we celebrate with our family "Sinterklaas". ( this must be memories for you Lynn:c) This is a real dutch celebration ! Looks like Santa Claus but then different and we celebrate it at 5 december. It is a long story to explain .And I can make it easy to give you this link ;c)
Because 5 december is this year on monday we decided to celebrate it today .

Last week my DS Pim and DD Natasja have played "Zwarte Piet " in church for little children. I need to say that they were dressed up very 'bad'. I can't believe that the children didn't saw that Sinterklaas was not real. LOL

I have all the presents in house. It was a busy week for me. (I know you are all now busy with buying them.) Over a couple of hours we play that Sinterklaas are bringing the presents. A very nice moment !


Friday, December 02, 2005

I have one too....

I saw at the blog from Nines a beautiful snaggle-toothwonder. And I have one too in my house ....... here she is ! ooohhhh so cute :c)