Saturday, January 21, 2006


Yesterday we heard that the cancer is back by my dad . 1.5 years ago he have had a succesfull operation for colon cancer. Half year later we heard that he also have a few cancerspots in his liver. Again a operation and the result was a mirakel. They were be able to remove it all and that was not what they expected. So my dad got a second live. He recovered very good and enjoy his live so much!And now.... we heard, after his half year controles ,that the cancer is back in his inestine.

On wednesday we have a appointment to hear his new treatment. And if they can help him. I feel myself so confused . ....disapointed..

I know there is comming a time with visiting hospitals . So I thought it is nice to have a little handsewingproject to spend the waiting time . I bought these small hexagons and I will see what to do with them .



Tracey said...

Oh Lucy, I"m so sorry to hear about your dad. I will add him and your family to my prayer list.

I love your little hexagons. I see another beautiful quilt coming!


Carolyn said...

Oh, Lucy, I'm so sorry to hear this. I will be praying for all of you for a successful treatment and restoration of your father's health. The hexagon project will be a great thing to focus on while you are waiting.

Sarah said...

Lucy -

I am so sorry about your bad news. We will keep your family in our prayers.


QuiltingFitzy said...


Rest assured you and your father and your family will be woven into all of your loyal blogreader's thoughts today and in the future.

Finn said...

Oh Lucy, so sorry to hear the news. That is so hard when you thought all was clear and good to go on with his life. My thought and prayers are with you and your family in the weeks and months ahead. Hugs, Finn

cher said...

cancer is it has such a nasty habit of coming back..sorry to hear about your dad's reoccurance-and prayers that another miracle happens! I am doing a hand project using those hexagons-they are wonderful to use!
my thoughts are with you too-it is so hard on children of parents with cancer...big hugs

Holly said...

Lucy, my dad had colon cancer and spent 21 days in the intensive care unit in the hospital a year ago. I took turns with my mom and brother staying with him. I know what you are going through. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Patty said...

dear Lucy,
We will be praying for your dad and for all your family. Miracles can happen.
You are in our prayers too.

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear about your dad - all the best for the new treatment. You'll love working with those tiny hexagons - very satisfying.

Dawn said...

Oh Lucy, I"m so sorry to hear the news. My father died from a brain tumor but my mother is a 17 year survivor of ovarian cancer!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family - I know this is going to be a hard time for you.

On a quilt note - I think I have those same little hexegon papers for a mini quilt! I got them this fall but have been too afraid to start them! If you start them you just might make me find mine and start!

Tonya R said...

Lucy, I'm so sorry about your Dad. I wish your whole family the best. I hope the hexagons are a soothing project for you to work on.

Bonnie said...

I know we have talked about this in email, but actually coming to your blog and reading your words just makes me cry. I know what you have been through the past almost 2 years. It is 2 years more than you could have had, and I hope you will still have 2 more years from now or more.....every day is precious.

You are in my thoughts and prayers always my friend.

I love the idea of the hexagons. what size are they? Are they the little ones of thick paper (not plastic?) When I do them I fold the fabric over and tack stitch just at the corners, not going through the cards. That way the basting stitches don't have to be removed, and the cards can be popped out to use somewhere else :c)


JudyL said...

Lucy: I'm so sorry about your dad. I wish you all the best!

The little hexagons look tiny and I know whatever you do will be gorgeous. It will surely be a great handworking project to keep you busy while waiting.

Judy L.

Darcie said...

I'm so sorry, Lucy, to hear that he has to again battle his cancer. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Your little papaer-piecing project will bring such comfort to you...and your Dad too. He will be thankful that his talented daughter is beside him.

God's blessings to you, Lucy.