Sunday, February 26, 2006


After visiting Tracey's blog, and notice the color cheddar again. I remember a quilt that I found at the internet! It is a Beauty !!

I add it on my list to make once ! It is perfect to do it by the methode from Gwen Marston's book "Four Block Applique" .

This quilt is for sale. Lucky one who can buy it :c)



Patty said...

I was looking at "chedder" just last night at the store !
That is really a beauty in the pictures.

Bonnie said...

Whooowhooooo!!! That is definately CHEDDAR!! It is the color of the school busses here in america, remember those? :c) I love quilts that are brave enough to use cheddar as the whole background color!


Patti said...

Absolutely fabulous! I've been in love with cheddar for the past 6 months or so - ever since Bonnie used it for the setting triangles on one of her scrap quilts. In searching for the "perfect cheddar" I've added probably 20 yards to my stash if not more. It's a wonderful color!

Sharon said...

I don't know - but I might be the only Maverick who doesn't want one of these quilts. Call me weird, but I do so love looking at them! I just don't want one to live here at my house. So that's another one that you don't have to make for *me*. LOL!

Thanks for sharing.

Sandra said...

What a brave quilter, using cheddar as the background! A bit too bright for my taste, but it certainly has that "WOW!" factor :-)

Nines said...

A very lovely quilt! Very cheerful! I am so happy about your father. What a blessing!! And Mia- a little doll- your brother looks smitten, in love. I hope your father will be able to see her soon! The little flower garden is so tiny!! My eyes would cross if I worked on something so small! You are really making progress with your tulips- I remember when you only had 2 made! Your sewing time with your friends must be working!

Tracey said...

Oh Lucy!!! The thought had crossed my mind to use some of my cheddar for a quilt like what Gwen had in her book! Such a beautiful quilt this is!! Thank you for sharing. :o)

Darcie said...

That quilt SCREAMS CHEDDAR, doesn't it!!! How fun! I love the appliques too...such happy colors. Glad you shared that with us, Lucy! Wonder how much the owner is asking for it.

It reminds me of a quilt that I had from a client. It was quite cheddary...but probably more on the yellow side. It was hanging in my studio, waiting to be quilted. I could see it out of the corner of my eye while I sat here at the computer. That quilt always made me think that there was a light on in my just brightened the whole room up so!