Thursday, April 20, 2006

2 nights and Bonnie is flying to me

Yes !! 2 nights and Bonnie is comming to me. Over 3 nights she arrives at the airport in Amsterdam at 7 in the morning. And I 'll be there !!OOhh this is all so exciting. We count down already the nights from more than 30 ( remember Bonnie :c) . And now it is all comming so close.
I am cleaning my house if the queen is comming. I know it isn't necessary but I think over the world we woman are all the same and clean before we get a guest in our house. I need to say it feels good.My house have a fresh look. But I already know that I am not a cleaning woman but a Quilting woman :c) .
So I throw the water away from the bucket . Do you think this size is enough for our tears of joy when we meet again at the airport ??


Alena said...

I am happy for both of you, Lucy...
It will be wonderful to meet your dear friend again, I am sure... As for the bucket - it is already full - are you crying in advance? do not, because there will be no space for Bonnie to add her portion of tears of happiness

Patty said...

Hi Lucy,
If I never had company, I would NEVER clean my house, so its a good thing we women do that. Right now it seems someone comes to see me each week, so the house is pretty clean : )
You and Bonnie are going to have so much fun. take lots of pictures every day.

Dawn said...

Hmmm, Like Patty I never clean, and then I hate company because I have to clean!!!! :)

Oh Lucy I am sooo jealous. Wouldn't we have such a good time. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time - I know Bonnie will!

And I"m coming back from Paducah with that triangle ruler!!!!!

Holly said...

How exciting, Lucy! I hope you and Bonnie take lots of pictures and post them to your sites. Have a great visit!