Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bonnie Can't Say Geitenboerderij!!

But in dutch it means GOAT FARM!

Wednesday afternoon the younger children are out of school early, and it is a good day for a trip to the Geitenboerderij! We had a lovely time walking along the trail the leads through the trees and out into an open area where the farm is. There is no admission to the farm, but they count on the consession sales of fresh cheese, hand cream (made from the lanolin from sheep's wool) baked goods and dairy items like ice cream (either from goat's milk or cow's milk) to help with the costs of running the farm. What could be a better afternoon? Kids, sunshine, goats and ICE CREAM!

There were all kinds of animals in a petting zoo atmosphere. Chickens, pigs, cows, goats (of course) a pony that pulled a cart that the children could was the perfect way to spend the afternoon with the little girls. There is also a play ground with swings, jungle gym type equipment, so they can get all their wiggles out before the long car ride home too!

You can buy feed for the goats, as well as little bottles of goat milk for the babies. It was so sweet to watch the girls feed them and pet them. It definately was spring at the goat farm with all the darling babies around.

It was funny as we sat around the table for dinner though. Natasja, Lucy's teenage daughter said "I smell GOAT FARM!" I had washed, but I guess our clothes and shoes had still taken on the aroma. I was sure to change before we went to the quilter's meeting Wednesday night. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to think: "That american was sure nice, but you know, she smelled like a goat!"

Dinner was a treat! We had dutch pancakes...almost like crepes, and filled with apples and cinnamon, or chocolate (OH MY WORD!!) or plain served with powdered sugar or syup (stroop) Of course, I had to try EVERYTHING! (Good thing we biked to the quilter's I could work it all off!)

A great day was had by ALL!
Bonnie & Lucy (who don't smell like goats anymore!)


Patty said...

Oh so much fun. Love all the goat pictures.
We eat those pancakes too, we even call them Dutch pancakes. We bake them in the oven. We have powdered sugar or syrup also.

ForestJane said...

Thanks for sharing so vividly, you two! It's like we can take our own virtual trip, with someone who would do the same kinds of tours and activities we'd like to try. :)

Tonya R said...

Oh, the baby goats! Very sweet. And mmm goat cheese. Don't know about goat cheese ice cream tho. That american, she smells like a goat! heh heh heh

Dawn said...

Oh the baby goats are ADORABLE! I love the pictures of the girls feeding them with the bottles! What fun! And oh baby - I think I would love those dutch pancakes very, very much!