Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Quilter's Evening!

Last night (wednesday) was the quilter's gathering at the quilt shop! There are not a lot of machine quilters in the Netherlands. Space comes at a dear price, and not many people have garages or room for a large machine, so quilting by longarm here is quite a novelty!

I had 5 quilts that I have quilted for a lady in Amsterdam, and she let us use the quilts for display for the evening so I could talk a bit about machine quilting, how it is done with a longarm machine, etc.

It was a very special evening for me. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. Food was even provided...Everything was so good! (yes, I was trying EVERYTHING again!)

Lucy lives about 6 kilometers from the shop and rides her bike to and from each way. I have loved riding bikes here so much, I wish things were more like this in america. There are bike lanes on both sides of the street....and just like driving a car, you have your own traffic lights for the bike traffic on either side of the street also goes only in the same direction that the auto traffic is going...You don't ride against traffic, either bike traffic or car traffic!

We left the quiltshop at close to 11pm at night! So this was my first experience in riding home in the dark. The streets are well lit, and the bikes are also equipped with headlights and tail lights, just as if you were driving a car or riding a motorcycle. It was fun to ride at night! It was a bit chilly out, but riding the bike warms you up fast enough, and it was refreshing after spending several hours in the shop with chatty quilters and so much good food :c)

Today we have been to the outdoor market....It was fun to walk through the vendors and see what they were selling. I bought a pound of black licorice in different shapes and varieties. They call it "DROP" here, and I love it. I've always loved black licorice, and it amazes people here that someone from america does! The salty stuff though? That takes a bit of getting used to, so I stick to the sweet!

This afternoon is Lucy's small quilting group, and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and getting some actual quilting done! I brought my hexagons to work on them...we will see if I will actually sew anything! So far I haven't! *LOL*

Bonnie (who is being called by Lucy to come eat lunch!!)


Alena said...

All the posts are wonderful! So many things happening, nice to hear you are both having such a great time, enjoy, girls, it is lovely to follow your days, thanks for sharing... I hope you finally managed to do some sewing...

Barbara said...

Wow, it sounds like you are having a great time. It is making me homesick..I could almost taste the pancakes..

Have fun!


Patty said...

Every day looks like a fun adventure. With the price of gas here, bike riding is a good alternative. We need to put in good bike lanes and make it safer

Sandra said...

I wish it wasn't so hilly here - I'd ride everywhere! I love bike riding :-) The quilting evening looked great - there were some stunning quilts hanging around the walls, as well as the ones you bought too. Made me feel "warm and fuzzy" reading about your post today. Keep it up!

Tonya R said...

Quilters, quilts, fabric, food and black licorice (even the salty stuff)- sounds perfect.

Tracey said...

Girls!!! Where did ya go?!?! I'm betting that you're having fun without sharing it with us!!! :oP

LOVE the pics. I can't imagine having the oppurtunity to take a trip like this...but it couldn't have happened to nicer people. :o)

Dawn said...

Oh I love the pictures of the meeting at the quilt shop with Bonnie! I had to check out all the quilts of course! What a fun time that must have been! But I was a bit tired reading about all the bike riding! Wheh - I would have to get in shape before I came!