Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thursday Afternoon

Hi Everybody! I am catching up on the weekend...It is Saturday night here, and there have been emails "where are our updates?!?" So I know it is time to sit and rest a bit and fill you in on the goings on here in Haarlem!

We left off last with the quilt shop gathering on wednesday night....which leads us to thursday morning! Biking biking, more biking! Thursday is the day that the open air market is available, and you can buy ANYTHING under the sun (or under the rain depending on the weather) There were booths with cloths, booths with upholstery and curtain fabrics (no quilting fabrics, darn!) fish, cheese, tools, dollar store type items. I bought a pair of sunglasses because I forgot to bring mine, and I bought a bunch of black licorice "drop" at one of the booths. Oh, I love this stuff. If they cut me open, I bet by now I would be BLACK inside!

I also bought some SMALL tiny teaspoons for use with tea cups. All of my spoons are cereal spoon sized american teaspoons, and they are too big with a pretty cup of tea. So this will be fun to bring home. It has been fun just going through the stores, seeing what they have that is different than we do, and also things the same.

After the market, we had to pick up Lucy's daughter from school for lunch. Here the little children (elementary school age) come HOME for lunch instead of eatting at the school. So that means a lot of coming and going on the bike for Lucy, no matter what the weather! When we took Isis back to school, we headed over to her friend Karrin's house for a meeting with Lucy's quilt friends!

There was a lot of laughter and talking (they tried so hard to speak english for me and it was so appreciated. My dutch is nearly non existant and atrocious!) Karrin also showed her quilts, and I got to see what everyone is working on as well. It was great! And yes, I sewed! This is that (*&@#($*&(*@#&$ hexagon project that has been a 6 year albatross so far. But...I'm making headway on it. I think I need to keep it as a hand work project when I have time between clients at the clinic, but that is ramblings for another day...

Thursday Evening we stayed home. Lucy's husband plays guitar, and he and another friend have a band. Rene's friend Henk came to practice, so Lucy and I got to sew at the table while the men played guitar and bass. It was nice!

So there ends post will be about friday!

Bonnie & Lucy


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Smiles all around - good to see everyone having fun! And, yup - the kids come home for lunch in Austria too - that is the big family meal over there. They either walk to school, bike or take the tram - no school buses. It is funny how we take things so much for granted and then when we go somewhere else we realize the differences.



Judy said...

Wow you guys are having so much fun and we can all see it in your faces!! It's been really fun to see all the updates and pictures. Keep them coming!