Saturday, April 08, 2006

A tribute to Barbara Bucher Snyder

Oké I didn't finished my purple star and I start with making only one block from a new quilt!! Only to feel how it is LOL... Is that a good excuse??
For years ago I got a pattern from this quilt from a friend. I almost "forgot" that I have it. I actually would start with the Nearly Insane. But I have this pattern already in my house and I never have seen a quilt from it! So today I try a block. and OOhhh My ... I LOVE it !
You can find a picture of the original quilt in this book Quilting Traditions .It is made by Barabara Bucher. The finished size of the block is 4.5 inch.


Finn said...

What a fun block Lucy, I can see why it would be hard to resist!!

I love your colors too, very old fashioned looking..*VBS*
Thanks for sharing with us.

Alena said...

oh, bautiful block, Lucy, I am looking forward to following the progress of your new quilt... And where is the photo of the finished one? I want to check whether you are really finished with it :o)
Happy Palm Sunday!

Dawn said...

Lucy this looks wonderful! I love that block - but so tiny! That quilt looks a lot like nearly insane doesn't it? I have that book, now I have to go look it up! And then I need to compare it to nearly insane! Oh you would have loved the show I went to. Maybe someday! :)

Sharon said...

Hmmm hmmmmm, yep, I think that might be able to qualify for another nearly insane block! Love the colors - once again! I haven't forgotten about the controlled spiderweb, Lucy. Just trying to figure out how to take some pictures for you!

Darcie said...

Oh my, Lucy! 4.5 inches! That is going to be a fun quilt for you.

I'm glad that you shared that pic with us as well. Is that pink and brown? That border treatment is awesome!

karen said...

Such a tiny block, but so pretty.

Patty said...

that is amazing Lucy, its so pretty and So tiny. You do such great quilting