Monday, April 24, 2006

When In Amsterdam

Monday! Amsterdam! Need I say more?? :cD

We rode our bikes this morning to the train station in Haarlem. I should have gotten a pic of the SEA of bikes. It looked like a tangled mess of tires and handlebars everywhere with no end in sight! I only regret that I didn't get a pic of the bike mess, but I was so overwhelmed I couldn't think straight. This picture is of the train station in Amsterdam. BEAUTIFUL!!

The weather today was springy and lovely, perfect for even being out later in just shirt sleeves or a light sweater, but early in the morning we needed our coats. We had so much fun walking from the train station to the Anne Frank Huis (museum) and it was an amazing experience. I first read Anne Frank's diary when I was 12 and in the 6th grade. It has stuck with me all my life so this was one place I really wanted to see on my trip to the Netherlands.

One problem though...we got there only to find out that we were not allowed to take pictures there (verboden!!!) so we had to find alternate photo opportunities!
Here I am in front of one of Amsterdam's many cultural highlights and tourist traps! Mind you, this was attracting people at 9am in the morning..I'd hate to see what it is like at night!

Amsterdam is also known for the prolific availablilty of medicinal herbs. :c) This pic is for my sons who were teasing me about why they really suspected I wanted to come to Amsterdam. (But I really would rather have the fabric!)

Isn't this a beautiful topiary tree? All the houses in Lucy's neighborhood and in the cities have beautified their small corner by planting beautiful flowers. I suggested this one might look good in LUCY's front garden?? She says "NEE!" I'd take it home with me but I don't think the customs officers on the other side of the pond are going to let me back in the states with this beautiful flowering bush, so it will just have to stay in Amsterdam and beautify the sidewalk where it stands!

Tomorrow our plan is to go to Marken, a little island fishing village, famous for the people, the buildings, the traditional costumes, and the way of life. When Lucy is on the sail boat with her family, it is one of her favorite places to sail to and visit. I am really looking forward to seeing EVERYTHING!

Bonnie & Lucy


Dawn said...

Oh Lucy and Bonnie! What a wonderful adventure you had today/yesterday - heck whatever day it was! Bonnie your pictures and commentary is cracking me up! Ummm that is an interesting museum you are posed in front of!!!! :)

Gosh that train station is gorgeous! Anne Frank's museum must have been an great visit, but very moving I'm sure.

Sandra said...

There's nothing like European architecture - I really miss it because Australia is so young! Looks like you're both having a ball - loving the commentary :-)

Ms. Jan said...

It looks like you girls are having a wonderful time!! Quilty friendships make the world go round, don't they??

Sarah said...

Thanks for the great pictures! Glad you two are having fun. Are you bringing us all home some fabric from Amsterdam? Keep the pictures coming!


Barbara said...


it looks like you are having a wondefull time. I am happy you are enjoying my homecountry, bonnie. I was a bit suprised trip to the Haan en Wagemakers or Birdblocks?...


Tonya R said...

So thrilled the two of you are together and having a great time. All this talk of the bikes and incredible architecture is really bringing back memories. And I've even been to Marken. Enjoy!

Annemiek said...

Funny to read about my country through your eyes! But: we are more than tulips, sexmuseums, marihuana and bikes! And Lucy: als je toch de toeristenkant op gaat:neem Bonny mee naar Stegemans in Rouveen. Dan kan ze 2ehands staphorsterkleding "scoren"!

Dawn said...

Ahhhh, just so you see this...... it refers to Bonnies blog....

Into the air, junior birdmen
Into the air, upside down;
Into the air, junior birdmen
Keep your nose up in the brown;
And when you see all those birdmen
With their shiny wings of tin
Then you will know the junior birdmen
Have sent their boxtops in!

Laura said...

Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time. I am looking forward to hearing more of your adventures together.

Holly said...

It's so fun to log onto your blogs and read about this week as it unfolds!!! Good friends, good fun, good memories :)

Sharon said...

Love all the pictures - reminds me of when I was there in the 80's! And Bonnie - you really must know what that beautiful flowering bush is that you are standing by is? Or were you tongue in cheek about it? As a hint, it goes along with the sign of the shop behind it!

Patty said...

appears to be all kinds of museams there : ) And herb shops too.
You both look so happy !

Tina said...

You guys are having such fun...Hugs tina