Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Popping blooms for Bonnie

The weather turn out so beautifull here. Finally ! The kids are having fun with playing outside and I see everywhere people smiling because of the weather! The bloom in my trees are popping. It is weeks later as usual. And I was hoping that Bonnie could see him when she was here.
The trees are in the back of my garden . we made a little place ( for 2 chairs ) to sit under the trees. I don't need to tell you that that is my favourite place. Special when my trees are in BLOOM



ForestJane said...

Ohhh, how pretty!

What kind of tree is it? Are the blooms fragrant?

Bonnie said...

NO FAIR!!! I wanted to see this when I was at yuor house! It looks So beautiful. I can see why it is your favorite spot. And now I know exactly what it feels like to be there. Are the birds still coming and going from the bird house?? I can imagine your laundry drying so nice on the line in the sun too! WONDERFUL!


Sandra said...

There was a street where I lived that had these trees lined the whole way on both sides - stunningly beautiful! I can see why it's your favourite spot to sit in the spring time :-)

Dawn said...

Oh Lucy the blooms are gorgeous! I'll have to get a few snapshots of our flowering trees. They just flowered also!

Alena said...

Hm, beautiful blossom, I love trees with pinky blossom... I just hope that this kind of wonderful weather stays a bit with us... have a nice weekend, Lucy