Thursday, June 15, 2006


My Dad is home again ! I spend yesterday the whole day in hopital. There were a lot of indistinctnesses. It looks like that every doctor is telling "other"things to my dad. And the last doctor was not so positive! . So I asked for converstations with two doctors to make the situation clear! My mom is very nerves and she decided to stay home. So I went to my dad for the whole day . And that was good. It clears up a lot .The whole story is long and I don't think it is necesary to write it all down.. ( my post will be so long) But we know now that the cancer is in a recidive situation. But physicaly is my dad good . So they find it worth to remove the stone in his kidney. They hope that after the surgery he can live without a catether . It is a operation again for him. Probably it will be soon !! We know that the cancer is not all away .But we have hope that he can live for a few years !

For me..

I am not shophopping, but I am quilthopping !!I think I don't feel the rest in my body to stay on one project. I am used to work normally on more projects at the same time but now.... When I am prepairing some tulip leaves I cut also for my little quilt Now I did is also for a UFO !! and I sew them direct together . Whyle I only want to prepair some tulip leaves..... :c)

I pick up this quilt again . a very very old UFO.Iit is perfect to take it with me on the boat when the weather is nice ( I piece it by the hand )

In the evening I try to quilt on my Purple Stars This quilt is almost DONE !! Yes.



anne bebbington said...

Oh Lucy I do so feel for you - it is so hard when you get different opinions from different medics - I suppose the nature of the illmess means that they can't be exact about anything and can only give you their best educated guess - your parents are lucky they have you to listen and collate all this information for you all - I do hope the stone removal is successful and that he is blessed with a few more years of reasonable health -best wishes Anne in England

Ms. Jan said...

What a hard time for your whole family. Hopefully, the procedures will give him some more time to live with a bit of comfort. Your quilts are gorgeous!

Bonnie said...

I think when there are heavy things on our minds and our hearts.....that we switch from project to project to keep our hands busy and our minds busy so we don't have to think so much on the heavy things! I see so much of myself in you and the way you work through difficult times!

Sending hugs from South Carolina! (And counting down to your trip to the US!)


Beth said...

Oh Lucy, my heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. We are going through the same exact thing with my father-in-law, so I know how you feel. My prayers are with you and your family always.


Finn said...

Glad to hear things are somewhat better with your Dad. All the hand piecing looks wonderful. I had forgotten about the little tulips you had started. They are looking great!

Judy said...

Lucy, I'm glad that things with your Dad are looking a bit more positive. I love the projects.. both of them. The tuplis are cute a perky and I love that one has a different background from the rest. Take care.

Dawn said...

Oh Lucy! I forgot about that one UFO with the flying geese, I remember I had asked you for sizes because I wanted to make it. I'm so glad you showed it again - I forgot how beautiful it is.

Of course I'm totally in LOVE with your tulips, I was the first time I saw them. and your Mariner's Compass quilt is going to be wonderful!

Glad you got to spend time with your dad, but sorry to hear he is still having problems. You know your family is always in my mind.


Patty said...

Lucy, my prayers are with your family. It can be so confussing in the hospital with the Doctors all saying something different.

Its hard to stay on one project when your mind is full of worry. I love your purple stars !

Alena said...

hi Lucy,
all your quilting projects are so pretty, thank you for sharing these beauties with us... I also love the photo of you, it captures you beautifully, really nice one!!!
your daughters are cuties - it must have been such a enjoyable weekend, I can imagine that all the family loves spending time on the boat... Hope that the surgery of your father goes well, he is so brave, so many operations he had to undergo... I hope that your best hopes become reality... keeping all of you in my prayers, take care and sew, 'cos I cannot wait seing all these projects finished :o)

ForestJane said...

Glad to hear there's some more good years for your dad!

And the Purple stars quilt is looking great, so is the tulip one!

Tonya R said...

Best wishes for your Dad. You always do such beautiful work. Love the tulips.

Hanne said...

A troubled mind and a troubled heart gives quilt hopping. I hope you can get some rest of mind and heart in between. You do wonderful work, and as always it is a pleasure to see what you are working on.I think we are lucky to be able to quilt hop when life gives us scraps. Strong thoughts coming your way.

Simonetta said...

Hi Lucy,I pray for your dad, that it can be well.I work as nurse in the hospital in the geriatric department and unfortunately I see a lot of people suffer, I understand well as you now feel yourself. Courage!
Your purple stars is so lovely :)))) Hugs!

Esteemarlu said...

Lucy, I did the same thing during all the times I was with my mom in the hospital. Days go by much slower if you don't take some project with you. Also helps keep the negative thoughts away.

sharon b said...

Lucy, I am humbled at your talent. I stumbled onto your site. Sorry to hear about your dad.. Enjoy every moment you get to spend with him.. I hold the last three years I got to spent with my dad while he was in hospital 5 years ago.. Special times and special memorys.. Treasure them