Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sunshine and.....

This time I will show you a quilt I made last spring. I always love to see antique amish quilts. And it is a wish once to make a big size !! But why it is so difficult for me to buy solid fabrics??? I like them, I love to make one, but... I always grab to my prints :c) .
I made this little quilt from the solids I have had in my stash. It looks simple but it wasn't easy to get the harmony in this sunshine and shadow.( with the few solids I have ) I quilted it by hand and with a black thread. At the detailpicture you can see how small the squares are . I put my thimble on it. Now it is time to make a big one! but first I need to buy the solids ......


Saturday, January 28, 2006

The shop window.

I will show you this time the shopwindow .It is decorated so great with a few from my quilts. In the middle you can see my Dutch doll quilt. It is a typical pattern what is used in old dutch quilts . I made it with reproduction fabric. At the wall you can see two little quilts. One little quilt I have already show you earlier. And one I will show you now. I have had so much fun to make it :c) . It is from the book American Doll quilts by Kathleen tracey . I only made the blocks smaller as in the book.


Thursday, January 26, 2006


My little brother is becoming a dad in a few weeks. I thought that I first want to know if the baby is a boy or a girl before I make the quilt . With a girl you can use a lot of pinks ( nice color :c) .
But yesterday I thought: NO , I need to make the quilt right now. I don't know what time we can expect with my dad's ilness . Now I have the time to make one ... So I dig in my stash and this is what came out !! The cradle for the Baby was from my brother when he was a baby . Also my four kids have used it !! The color from the covering is white with a mint dot. So I thought this simple quilt would be perfect in it ! Now I need to quilt it . I am in a hurry because they expected the baby at 8 february !!!


Monday, January 23, 2006


I have 3 daughters and a son .The oldest daughter is not interesting in quilting or something to do with a needle .. the other daughter tried once , like it but like the tv and computer more and then I have my youghest daughter Isis who loves the needle .Well today she was the only kid in the house who was this afternoon free from school. And she thought it would be nice that I learned her quilting. She have already made pincushions on the sewing machine , so I thought it was a good idea. First we take a look if she can push the gas from the electric sewing machine. Nop she is to small for that . Her feet bungle under the chair. So we decided to use the old machine .

Now we have a very ,very cocky daughter and a mom who is learning her sewing ...let's go !!!!

I cut for her from my old fabric squares ( she need to try it first .... ) and she sew them two on two together :c)

Look here she is chainpiecing. Before she finished this,I may not tell her how to do .. she told me that she have always seen how I do it and she thought it would be nicer if I am doing my own project ... I said oké ( knowing that it won't work because she need help........ ) and yes after a few minutes she asked for help.

But she is a fast learner and yes there are two rows together :c)

Look at her tiny hands so sweet .......

( and believe me she is the whole afternoon talking ,talking , saying she can do all by herself, etc.. etc... )

Her other hand is turning and turning ....and her mouth is talking and talking ....... but......

Ta Dahhhhh....

A quilter is born !!!!!!!

( and her mom have a headache from all listen to her talking and hearing "NO I can do that by myself")

Dear Bonnie,

~~~~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~~~~~~

I miss you and can't wait until 23 april at 7 o'clock in the morning !


Saturday, January 21, 2006

The back from the antique quilt ....

I was forgotten to take pictures from the back of the antique quilt I show you last . And the back is just as interesting as the front!!!! If you enlarge the pictures you will see that she handquilted it on pieces of old cloths or feedsacks ! I see double pairs of quiltstiches ! Why was she doing it ? did she stich before to be sure that the piece won't remove?? .. It is so interesting. The quilt is not filled with batting .When I am in the shop I need everytime to take a look at this quilt :c)
In the book "Liberated sting quilts"from Gwen Marston you can see on page 7 a quilt wich is made the same way.



Yesterday we heard that the cancer is back by my dad . 1.5 years ago he have had a succesfull operation for colon cancer. Half year later we heard that he also have a few cancerspots in his liver. Again a operation and the result was a mirakel. They were be able to remove it all and that was not what they expected. So my dad got a second live. He recovered very good and enjoy his live so much!And now.... we heard, after his half year controles ,that the cancer is back in his inestine.

On wednesday we have a appointment to hear his new treatment. And if they can help him. I feel myself so confused . ....disapointed..

I know there is comming a time with visiting hospitals . So I thought it is nice to have a little handsewingproject to spend the waiting time . I bought these small hexagons and I will see what to do with them .


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Antique Quilt

At this moment we have a antique quilt in the shop ! It is from 1830/50 . I need to share it with you because the quilt is so MAVERICK .
I advice you to click on the pictures to enlarge it to the max. size , the fabrics are so interesting !!
The size of the strips are finished 5/8 inch wide ( 1.5 cm) and the size of the block is 6.5 inch ( 16.5 cm)

Gerda , a very nice woman ( she is special for me ) , reproduced this quilt. I will share it with you too.. She did a great job !!

close up from Gerda's quilt .


Monday, January 09, 2006

Yesterday I finished my little nine patch! That is a good feeling. It is the second quilt I finished this year ( don't tell me they are little *LOL* ) Most of my little quilts are going to the shop for display. Before I will share it with you ! I am satisfied how it turns out :c) . I like to make littles like this . They are nice for displaying and you have soon a result! I bought the chair in a second hand shop like Goodwill. I recover it with a pinkplaid fabric... mmm one of my favourite colors .

I found yesterday at internet a secondhand rocker!!!!! It was not far driving from my house so we picked him up immidiately . It is a beauty !! When I was visiting Bonnie I saw everywhere rockers and I want to have one by myself for on my bedroom . So here it is !!!

At the picture you can see a little bit from my wardrobe. It is made by René 's his grand , grandfather !! ( as you can see I love old furniture from 1900 )


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Four blocks what now???

I have four blocks done! It is so fun because this block is actual not me. But in a way it is just me :c) !! . For now I don't know what to do with them . Will I make the whole quilt like this? Will I do the orange sashings......as I lay them out ???? Will I do the red cornerstones ( on the pictures they look a bit dark ..) . Or shall I make a kind of a sampler with funky blocks ,stars etc... What do you suggest?

When I work at the tulips I feel myself a real "dutch girl" and I think I crave to a bit of spring with the bright sunshine !!! The weather is so grey here all for a lot of days .


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

NEW !!

A few days ago I borrowed the book Liberated string quilts from Gwen Marston. I love this book! Because I finished my String Star , I thought it would be nice to make a new block for a new project ( Yes a new UFO ,lol) . I fell in LOVE to these tulipquilt. I made the pattern smaller. Grab my small left over basket and start to sew . ( Why do I always make a mess when I am sewing...... )

I have done the applique by hand. As you can see I din't pin it with many pins ... So the block is more "Maverick"as I wanted *LOL*
I am not satisfied with the the stem . The thicker part under the "tulip"is to tall...

I love to have a applique project again. Oh my .. I have missed that. It is so relax , sitting on the couch and do the stitches :c) Even if I don't know if I reproduce this quilt or make a other quilt of the block


Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The starquilt is ready! This is such a good feeling :c) . I quilt it with fan's. And look Dawn they are also not perfect :c) I have had some troubles with the stencil I used . But I think only some people will notice it! And for me it is not important that a quilt must be perfect! It is the "feeling" which makes the quilt :c) .

I tried to make a picture from the fans . Hope you can see them.

And I tried to make a picture from the quilt displayed in my house ... You can also see a bit from the stained glass door, they seperate our livingroom. My house is build in 1937. The doors are original. So also my mantelpiece is original. At the other side we have the same mantelpiece and in front we have a woodstove !


Monday, January 02, 2006

YES!! YESS!! Bonnie is comming !

Look at Bonnie's blog, there you can read that she bought a ticket to the Netherlands .. I am so happy that we meet again. And sure we let you know all our experience :c) .


I wish you all a

****Happy New Year !!!****


*Enjoy your fabric purchase ( while you promised yourself not to buy fabric this year)
*Enjoy making your new UFO ( while you want to finish some first)

At the picture I am busy with quiting the string star , I can tell you that I am almost ready now :c) I am just busy with the binding. I hope I can post it tomorrow