Tuesday, February 28, 2006

This morning I found my snowdrops in the snow ! It is to early for spring. Ohh and I want so much spring , sunshine ....

Between giving the sick people here their food,drink etc. I take my change to sew. I got inspiration from the book The Art of Classic Quiltmaking from Harriet Hargrave. And also got the inspiration from Bonnie. Last year when I visited her , she was busy with this quilt. Only she made it all from plaids. I didn't have so I choose these fabrics. The beautifull cheddars are a gift from Kathie :c) . They are a treat to play with!!


Monday, February 27, 2006


Yesterday I saw finally a bit of
after a lot of grey days ! I hope Spring is comming !!



This book is one of my favourite books. I was so happy when I found it at a show two years ago. I love little quilts . In this book the pictures are so great, they give me a lot of inspiration !

The flu catch my house. Three of us are sick, real sick. They are on the couch, in the chair and in bed . Everywhere I see a sick one. I is nothing to do my cleaning today ! So I am searching in books and looking in my stash. It is time to make a quick quilttop before the flu catch me :c) ..


Sunday, February 26, 2006


After visiting Tracey's blog, and notice the color cheddar again. I remember a quilt that I found at the internet! It is a Beauty !!

I add it on my list to make once ! It is perfect to do it by the methode from Gwen Marston's book "Four Block Applique" .

This quilt is for sale. Lucky one who can buy it :c)


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Today I stay at home. I need to make my house'"organized" And take some time for myself :c) .
Thank you all for your warm comments and mails! I got so much, it take some time to reply them all, but I will :c) .

This is what I made for so far. They are not all sew together but you can see the progress. I also putt a thimble on it. So that you can see how the size is from the tiny hexagons. I think it is becomming a nice little quilt.

Whyle searching for left over fabrics to take with me to hospital I found this in a basket. I was forgotten that I once start with it. To many ideas I think !

I will also share the progress from my tulips. I take them always with me to my quiltgroup at thursday afternoon. With four woman from my age we sew together! It is always a handproject , easy to take with! I prepare the tulips at home and will do the applique at the meeting. Every week we come together in one of our houses.. And we work on projects from ourself. Through the years we noticed that that is the best for us :c) .


Monday, February 20, 2006

I am home from the surgery and will just let you all know that we get HOPE !!

Unexpected they where able to remove the cancer .. All in his intestine and his kidney. They removed also his left kidney . So we have now hope again. we need to wait for +/- two weeks for the results from the pathalogist if it is indeed all removed. But for so far it looks like.
I can't believe it. Tomorrow I am going back to my dad again. They kept him now asleep , and tommorow he will be awake

I am so happy. I needed to let you all now this happy news of HOPE


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mia is born !

This week is my lovely niece born. Her name is Mia ! Everything is fine with her and her parents.

My father is still in hospital. So sad for him because he can't go to his new granddaughter . Tomorrow is the big surgery. I will thank you all for your thoughts and prayers !!! It gives me a very warm feeling :c)


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Update about my Dad...

Last days I was very busy with my dad.He has been to hospital for three days.He got two kidney catheters because they don't function anymore for 100% . One kidney is blocked by the tumor :c( . On 20 februari he get a big surgery. They will remove the tumor by his kidney and one in his intestine. We know already that the surgery is not for healing. After that he also need chemotherapy. Hope that that will do something . It is hard to see him like this .

Whyle waiting I start with the little tiny hexagons. I took a grab from my left over pieces with me in a plastic bag . This is what I have for so far.

I also start a new lead and ender project form my tiny squares. I don't know how big this quilt is becomming . For the pink I have half a yard and from the green and brown a yard. I will see how far I can come. But you all already know that I love little quilts :c)

Monday, February 06, 2006

My most worst quilt

In 2001 I bought the book "Quilts from Aunt Amy" . I fell in love at the frontcoverquilt. I never made a quilt by machine so this was my first one. Making the top was easy and fun. But then I decided to machine quilt it. I didn't know that the dogfeet need to be down and then freemotion the stitches. So I turn for every circle my WHOLE quilt round and round.....
Pfff a hard work and I don't get my circles neat and can't keep my fabric flat.
I try to meander the border. After a big piece I thought it was a good idea to READ in a book how to do machine quilting . OOh and I saw how it works... so my last borders I did it the right way. After this quilt I never dare to quilt a quilt by machine. The kids may use it for everything , making a tent in the garden, for picnic, on the boat, I don't care.I putt it in the laundry, in the dryer etc. No one can ruin this quilt :c)

After this experience I take some lessons in the shop and now I will practise it . This weekend I made this little wallhanging for my oldest daughter . It turned out very nice. Do I dare to quilt this by machine ?????

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Done !

A few days ago I finished my babyquilt !! I decided to quilt it with a clamshell pattern. It is a very easy and quick pattern to do.I used a 100% cotton for the batting and after finishing it I washed the quilt to give a real cozy look. The baby can come :c) I am ready for it .. Now only rest a picture from my new nephew or niece in the cradle !