Sunday, May 28, 2006

Triangle Treat

No, this isn't a new quilt. It is the backing from my "Triangle Treat" !! I wanted to sandwich it today but the backing was a bit to short .. So I sewed leftover triangles together and TaDahhh... a fun backing. Now I need to quilt it.

I have almost quilted the center on my purple stars. So I am going back to that quilt first :-) . It is not so much work to finish it !


ps.. I will thank you all for your comments at post from 23 may . It was so heartwarming to get so many compliments ! Thank You !!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top finished!!

Well, this is my desicion! I like the setting. It is something different.

The old water pump is original from the 30th... When we bought this house it didn't work anymore.It was a challenge for my husband to get it work again. I remember that when I can't find my husband he was in the shed busy with the pump. And he succeed, the pump works. It cost him a lot of time he also needed to dig a new well... 6 meters deep in the ground! We use the water for the garden.
The pump is already working for 9 years now. And my husband is everytime smiling when he use the pump!!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

I think I never have doubted to finish a quilt as this time! I made now a innerborder from the same fabric and maybe I will do a pieced border all around ! But sometimes I like to do a border different as usual.

I like the setting I used once for this little quilt. And would use it for a bigger one..

Girls.. this is what I have for so far and I am not sure if I like it. I also notice that I made a measure mistake... But if I don't tell, nobody notice it . It is only for my own feeling. So maybe I need some positive words or some good advice :c)



Or do you like it without the sideborder ??

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This is the progress from my quilt. Still don't know what to do with my border. But it need a inner border . Because the bottom triangles ended with the pieces. And the pieced border straight to the pieced triangles is not what I want. The border is very fun to make. I cut some more triangles and have leftovers from my blocks. I use them as my leads and enders . So voila there is a border :c)

Some asked for the original from the book . Well here it is. It is a beauty hè?


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am making the Potluck quilt from the book Save the Scraps . I know it is a bit messy , but I haven't a own sewing room. So I hung a sheet over my bookcase in my livingroom :c)

It s fun to do . I convert them to cm. and make the blocks a little bit smaller. ( I will give a workshop from this block ) For so far I am happy with them . I only try to make from the leftovers a border. Thought it would be fun ! Now I am doubting. Are the bigger triangles to big for the quilt ??? Or the pieces from the border to small?

If you take a close look at these fabrics you see Windmills! Fun!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Oké one quirk !

Dawn tagged me weeks ago for my quirks .

Oké I think I have a lot of quirks. But sharing one of them must be enough, otherwise.....

I am afraid of a mouse !! Not a bit , no I am terrified of them. This winter we lay in bed,I thought I saw something. What was that .. I didn't see it right. But then.... YES there he was: a MOUSE ! In our bedroom. (We live in a very old house which is build in a row with a lot of house together. And I think he came through some old gaps .) I was immidiately awake. Told my husband to get rid of him!!! Well we have a old whip under our bed.. That was from my earlier years horsdriving , I thought I feel saver with that under my bed for a moment that a burglar come in my house , but never thought that the burglar was a mouse!!!! So René ( my DH) grap the whip and chase after the mouse. And I was standing on our bed to tell my DH where the mouse was running to.. When the time was going on, all the stuff from the floor came on our bed. A pile of laundry , magazines , books, a old oilburner, night tables. etc. tec. Oh men.... I never thought that we have so many stuff on our floor. And René was on his knees in his underpants with the whip chasing the mouse . And I was screaming :there he is !! there!! and I was standing in the middle of our bed between all the mess.. ..... I want that mouse out of my house , afraid that one mouse can breed out in a dozen of mice... But I have a very good DH!! He was able to catch the middle of the night !

So next morning my DH was telling to all my kids that Mammy is so afraid of a little mouse. Nobody knew I was ... And the answer of Pim ( My oldest) was : Ohhhh that were you doing.. I hear all the noise in the middle of the night and wondered: What are they doing??? But I didn't dare to come and ask .........................


ps.. and my Dh is feeling himself so guilty that he killed a sweet little tiny mouse .

Saturday, May 06, 2006


This antique quilttop is a gift from Bonnie . I am so happy with it !! It is a top made by a woman in 1890 /1900. Some red fabrics are faded. One block she ran out the fabric and she used two different reds. The basting threads are still in the handles. And at some blocks she sewed pieces together to get the right size of background .You can see at one block that the stripes of the fabric is going to every direction. I love it also because a lot of points are chopped of. Are we these days to precise???
I can't wait to quilt it. For me it is a amazing feeling to finish a quilt from a woman who made the top 100 years ago. I am dream about what kind of lady she was. She must be rich because the top was made by a sewing machine and in that time you must have money to buy a sewing machine. How does she lives? Why didn't she finished the quilt. Did she made to many tops to finish them ?? Just like us these days ?? So many answers and I never get them, only in my dreams ......

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Popping blooms for Bonnie

The weather turn out so beautifull here. Finally ! The kids are having fun with playing outside and I see everywhere people smiling because of the weather! The bloom in my trees are popping. It is weeks later as usual. And I was hoping that Bonnie could see him when she was here.
The trees are in the back of my garden . we made a little place ( for 2 chairs ) to sit under the trees. I don't need to tell you that that is my favourite place. Special when my trees are in BLOOM


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to normal

Last week was great! It was so good to see Bonnie again. I loved to show her my country , my life here, and places that are special for me ! I think you all read the longest posts for so far at my blog. ( it was so easy for me to let Bonnie do it ;c) And for me it was also fun to read them. Now I need to catch up my normal life here. The children have a break from school for a week. I love that because we don't have to live by the clock. I brought the bike back we rent for Bonnie. After that I walked home. I found some beautifull flowers behind the road . Perfect!