Friday, June 30, 2006

I have a book from Marsha McCloskey ( feathered stars) , paper , pencil, fabric , cutter, ruler, mat ,pins, a sewing machine and... a strong inside feeling to draw and sew immediately a first block just to try .... So I decided to start with a simple one only to see if I can do it and .....ta daahhhh here it is !
I LOVE it ! Don't know what to do with it , because I have a other block(with smaller and more side triangles and in the middle a lemoyestar)in my mind for a quilt . But I like this one so much , maybe I can make a quilt with nine of these blocks , we will see. My inside feeling is satisfy !


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I made two new blocks from the Barbara Bucher Snyder quilt I love to work at it . And dream away with all the little tiny pieces! ( blocksize 4,5 inch )

Recently I made a needlescase for Bonnie. It is a pattern from the book American Doll quilt . I love the result and will definiteley make one for myself too :-)


Monday, June 26, 2006

For Patty

Patty asked if I want to share a picture from my son. Here he is !!! My first born now 15 years old . Over about a month he is having his birthday in the US on the road to Yellow Stone! It can't be tougher for him!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some asked how it is with my dad.. Well a lot happend this week. Last wednesday he was home.. the fever came back and saturday night he needed to go to hospital again and stay . The kidneyinfection was breaking him up . For now he recovered very good. Tomorrow he is able to go home again . And then it is waiting for the surgery . That will be in two month . I hope in the time he can take some rest !

I found a beautifull blog from Mercedes from Spain. She make magnificent embroideries !!!! And that reminds me that have done it too... once.... I promised her to show my sampler. Believe me I have had to dig in my closets before I find it . But tadaaahh.. here it is . As you can see I start it in 1989. Before I got kids ... I picked it up again and finished it in 1996. At that time I have three kids . And I start quilting...... This sample ended in a bag in a closet!

It is fun to find a bag which is not opened in so many years.. I found also my old box with thread and a project in it . The box was from I was 16 . I start the project with bunnies when I was almost 8 month pregnant from my first child . I couldn't finish it because he want to come at that time. 4 weeks and 5 days to early . If you see him now , the little baby is 74.80 inch tall :-)


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hearts for Natasja

After reading Lily's blog I will share with you my first bedsize quilt ! I made it years ago for my eldest daughter . At that time I was a member of a fabric club. Every two months we got samples from about 4 inches.. And because it was all new for me it was a treat to get them. From the reds I made this heart quilt ! The border was not choosen by color, but by sale :-) . For a beginning family with 4 young children every fabric was expensive and I was satisfied by this pink sale fabric . I crosshatched it. And at that time I fell in love with doing all the stitches. The quilt is completely made by hand. Natasja use it every day :-)


ps. Lily, I needleturn these hearts also :c)

Thursday, June 15, 2006


My Dad is home again ! I spend yesterday the whole day in hopital. There were a lot of indistinctnesses. It looks like that every doctor is telling "other"things to my dad. And the last doctor was not so positive! . So I asked for converstations with two doctors to make the situation clear! My mom is very nerves and she decided to stay home. So I went to my dad for the whole day . And that was good. It clears up a lot .The whole story is long and I don't think it is necesary to write it all down.. ( my post will be so long) But we know now that the cancer is in a recidive situation. But physicaly is my dad good . So they find it worth to remove the stone in his kidney. They hope that after the surgery he can live without a catether . It is a operation again for him. Probably it will be soon !! We know that the cancer is not all away .But we have hope that he can live for a few years !

For me..

I am not shophopping, but I am quilthopping !!I think I don't feel the rest in my body to stay on one project. I am used to work normally on more projects at the same time but now.... When I am prepairing some tulip leaves I cut also for my little quilt Now I did is also for a UFO !! and I sew them direct together . Whyle I only want to prepair some tulip leaves..... :c)

I pick up this quilt again . a very very old UFO.Iit is perfect to take it with me on the boat when the weather is nice ( I piece it by the hand )

In the evening I try to quilt on my Purple Stars This quilt is almost DONE !! Yes.


Monday, June 12, 2006

I just have had my dad on the phone. The doctor he spoke today will remove the stone in his kidney and they will hope that the function will be better. This doctor sounds more hopefull. So my father feels himself much better. It is so important for him how a doctor is telling his "story".. You can bring the glass " half full or half empty ".
To me it is still all confusion. Evertime we get hope . And when we trust it all a litlle bit there is something happening with his health . We are going from one to thing to the other.
Yes I need to have faith for the moment . And will see what tomorrow will bring !



This is a project what I am taking up again.The one who read my blog longer know that I take this project with me to hospital when my dad is there. He is in hospital again since friday. He have had a kidney infection and he didn't recover very good.. His blood is not what it use to be . The kalium is to high... and now they found out that his kidney ( he have only one ) function for 15% ! That is not much. The doctor is talking about chemotherapy. I hope we will hear this week more. I only know that he is not good . My heart hurts to see him like this. And my mind is confused. Were do I need to pray for? Sometimes I don't know, I see him suffer. Do I need to pray for his total recovery ( is there a way back?) .. or do I need to pray for that he may live for a few years.... or do I need to pray for (if he can't recover) that it all will be soon over .....that he don't have to suffer for a long time...
It is all so hard.

I will be there for him. And will sit next to him and sew some hexagons ........ and wait what the time will bring


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sometimes there is a picture from myself I like...... thought it is good to share it with you .


Finally the summer is here! This weekend we spend some time at our boat. On the picture you see my three lovely girls . Isis she is 7 ,Purdey from 11 and Natasja is 14 ! Our son was with his friends to the beach. So not so much quilting for me this weekend just a lazy weekend at the boat!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Girls !!!

I think that girls over the world and through the time are doing the same !!!
Please enjoy a little video from my daughter Isis and her friend Jedaja .

I hope the link will work! Use the right mouseclick and "save as" and wait a few seconds for loading .
My son Pim did a great job with helping me to make link for the little movie .


Thursday, June 01, 2006


I will show you my progress on my Barabara Bucher Snyder quilt . I love to make it. So now and then I will sew a block. Normally I don't want to reproduce exact a quilt. I want to use my own colors. But I think this quilt is so beautiful that I feel it like a honor to make it almost the same as the original. It was fun to search for the fabric I like. Kathie, who is planning this quilt too, is a great help for me. And Bonnie gave me so many pieces of her black and yellow fabrics , thank you Bonnie :-) I made the blocks this time on foundation. Normally I don't like to sew on paper . But it is great to do with all the little pieces. I got years ago this pattern with a cd. So easy , I can print it out on foundationpaper !

Behind my sewing machine you can see this little old tin..

when it is open you see....................

THIS !!! lead end enders for a small quilt.. It is a treat hè!

And what to do with a little part of a block in the wrong colors.....

I made a little pincushion from it. Filled with wool from a sheep. It helps the needle slide trough the fabrics from my Purple star