Monday, July 24, 2006

Heart rock

A few days ago I found on a blog a woman who collect rocks with the shape of a heart ! I told her my daughter Isis is also a collector of rocks and her favourite is a rock which is broken and now have a shape of a heart. I promised to send a picture of the rock to the lady, but...................... I forgot which lady is the collector????? And I can't find her anymore in bloggingworld. So I hope she read mine and we will find each other again :-)

The favourite rock from my daughter Isis.
Once she lost it in the grass in front of our boat.We all searched but didn't find it ..... A week later we went to the boat again and Isis step in the grass on the little rock ..... She was so happy ! I wish you could all see her smile at that moment :-)


ps.... I found her, she is Flora

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My dad is doing much better. Thank you all again for your prayers and nice and warm words.

The weather is here very hot. My youngest childeren have their last week at school. And then it is vacationtime here !! We are so looking forward to it !

Because I have a busy week and it is to hot for any quiltprogress . I post today a picture from my sweetest Joseph !


Monday, July 17, 2006

here he is

Here he is my dad !!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just a short post ! My Dad is in hospital again since monday eve... He need to stay there for another two weeks from now. they found finally which bacterium is giving him the kidney problems. Comming two weeks they treat him with the right antibioticum.


Monday, July 10, 2006


Saturday we have a party in our street. My husband is a singer and guitarplayer in a Bluesband. So on Saturday they cheer up the party. I see and hear everyday my DH playing his guitar at home. But see him playing on the street reminds me on our first meeting.

20 years ago......

He was standing on the corner from the street in the middle of the center from Haarlem, playing on a acoustic guitar songs from Bob Dylan . I was walking there and saw him. I thought Wow this the man !!!!!! What to do ? Me 20 years old. If I walk away I never see him anymore .... So I decided to start a converstation. And as you all know we have now 4 kids, a house, a dog...............


Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is it

Here it is. The feathered star I have had in my mind!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Here is a picture from both blocks. I would ended my post before with this picture but blogger don't let me :-/ .


Feathered Star 2

Because I like the feathered star so much, I decided to make the one I have in my mind. Smaller and with in the center the lemoyne star!!! I chose some beautiful fabrics. And thereI went: drawing, cutting, sewing and ta dahhhhh !!!!!!! finally the result :

I made a BRA !!!!!!!!

Oeps, that was not what I want..... so I tried to press it.. you never know ;-)

But the "bra"is only turning inside out !

I think I want to much.. Normally I would made this block by hand . But I am doing more and more by machine. This block is about 4.5 inch . So I thought maybe I need to make it a bit bigger . The pieces are so small !

Drawing again ..........

cutting ,sewing and ..... ta daaaaahhh .. I am satisfied ! This is going to be the center of my new feathered start block . (Finished size of this block is 5.5 inch )

to be continued....