Thursday, August 31, 2006

We planned road 89 to Bear Lake . As soon as we left Salt Lake City we saw the beautiful nature. The Mountains ..... our country is flat and the place where I live is very crowdy. I loved to see this !
There is a lot of space on the road to drive . It was not that bad at all to drive with the RV. Actually my husband says on this road it was relaxing with the countrymusic on the radio :-)

After a long day drive we saw this....Bear Lake !! Can you believe it . The water looks so blue . It was gorgeous .

Early in the evening we went out for a walk to the lake. I love this picture .

As you can see it was muddy and we needed to look out where to putt our feets.. MMM. my daughter from almost 15 was not pleased to step into the mud.

For me it is now time to go to bed.

to be continued ......


I have my camera with all my pictures and I have the pictures from the films I made. So it is time for a update :-)

Here are our kids at the airport , ready for a long flight to Salt Lake City .
But.... at the time the airplane should leave we hear that the engine was broken . The flight was canceled . The whole flight need to spend the night at a hotel at the airport.....

We were all rebooked and next day we flew first to england and then NYC and finally Salt Lake City . We did almost 24 hours to arrive there..... Can you believe that the kids were very tired :-)

After a fresh sleep in a hotel we picked up the RV ! First you get a movie how to handle with a 30 feet RV. "That looks so simple" !!

And they bring you to the RV........... We saw him and got a big laugh.... We are going to drive in this huge thing with all the "reserve me" advertising on it. We thought that the american people were thinking about us: Well look there are going real tourists :-)

They gave us the keys and there we went..... What a adventure !!

to be continued .....


Sunday, August 27, 2006

We are Home !

Yesterdaymorning we arrived home. ( there is no place like home :-)

Smokey Mountains is a beautiful wood. The cabin we stayed was gorgeous. From the deck we have a mountain vieuw. In the evening we hear the bugs. A special noise. We saw bears .....
Actually my husband saved the children from a bear. That was our first experience 3 hours after arriving in the cabin . The children were playing hide and seek. I was reading the logbook from guest from the cabin. And I red that bears came upon the deck etc.etc. Isis came in and I told her to call the others because of the bear..... at that moment I heard Pim shouting: a bear... mom a bear ... and Purdey screaming ! The kids gave together a hand and walk slowly backwards untill they didn't saw him anymore and then run..... The bear was between the cabin and them so they were not able to come to us.. after that the bear walked away from the car René jumped into it to pick up the childeren and bring them back. A scarry experience for them.. But also a tough story to tell to their friends.
After that we saw the bear every evening. And once in the woods also a mom with two cubs... I don't have to tell you that the littles bought in the visitorcenter a"cuddlebear". They loved to see the bears from a save distance:-) .

We saw in the Smokey natural park cabins from 100 years ago. Can you imagine how woman live there. Now I know that the book A people and their quilts is from this area. I have the book and will read it with a totally new vieuw .

I think you all read the camera story at Bonnie's blog.. When I have the camera here I share with you my pictures. I made in the smokey's with my other camera pictures . But that is with normal films. Tomorrow I bring them to the store.

I can tell you so much about our trip but I need to unpack my last suitcases and bring my house back as normal.

Talk to you later with more story's .........


Monday, August 14, 2006

Here we are :-) a family picture in Yellow Stone at the geyser area. America is a wonderful country. The people are so helpful here. And it is easy to make a conversation. Our kids had their first wall mart experience. They have never seen a market so big !! Everything is big here, the shampoo ,toothpaste , even the tic tac candys are bigger as in our country :-) .

We rent a RV and drove from Salt lake City to Yellow Stone and back to Cody, Thermopolis, Riverton,Lander etc.etc.. I told you already before that the nature is amazing . I can tell you so much but I don't know where to start .

This is me in "no man's land" I need to look at the map where it is exact. I let you know later .

After a very strong controle at the airport ( they picked us out for a extra check) from Atlanta we arrive finally yesterday at Bonnie's house. It is so great to see both family's together . Yesterday we spend time at a lake nearby. Her son Jeff have the same age as my son Pim. They have done wakeboarding yesterday.It is good to see them together:-)

Over a few minutes we send the boys to a guitarshop ( my husband is a guitar player ) and we girls are going to do girl shopping ( fabrics) :-)

I promised when I am home in the Netherlands . I will post a lot of beautiful pictures from Yellow Stone .


Friday, August 11, 2006

Hi everyone!

We are back in Salt Lake City..... and Ohh My we have seen so much. So many different lanscapes. Yellow Stone is deffinately beautiful!
After that we went to Cody "cowboyland" The nature is so different as from Yellow Stone. Then to Riverton, ( looks like the dessert and so hot ) Dutch John .Now I also now how it is to be " in the middle of nowhere ".
I have a beautifull picture of that ..... will share it later.

Tomorrow we are flying to Atlanta and then......... Bonnie here we come !!!!!!


( I will tell you more but I can use this computer only for 15 minutes )

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yellow Stone

We just arrived in Thermoplis and found a beautiful country campground.

We have seen Yellow Stone and OOOHHH MMYYY That was so amazing!!!! I think I drove and walk the whole time with a open mouth .. from " OOhh My" look at that and there . When we are at bonnie's house I will post some pictures. The nature is awesome and so big . With a lot of wild animals.

You will hear more from me when it is posssible . I am allowed now to use the computer from owner of this georgous RV park. And if you can see me all at this moment : I am now looking as the owner of the RV park. So new campers maybe will check in by me LOL.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Salt Lake City

Girls I am so excited. We are right now on our vacation in the US. Today we drive to Bear Lake.
When I am able to I will tell you all about our trip . Over 13 days we are at Bonnie's house . Isn't that wonderfull.

Today is my son Pim having his birthday . He is now 16 years old.

Talk to you later