Sunday, September 24, 2006


So now and then I made a tulip block. And last thursday I noticed that I had almost enough for my quilt!! Only 1 to go..... And the one who knows me, know that I am not to stop at that point untill it is finished.

Well here it is: My tulip quilt

Inspirated by a antique quilt published in the Liberated String quilt book from Gwen Marston

All the tulip leaves are made from scraps out of this basket ... I was hoping that the top of this pile was gone... but nop. I think I can make tulips from this basket for all of you :-) It feels like that Jesus was sharing the bread with all the people..


Friday, September 22, 2006

more about our trip....

After driving through the Flamig Gorge Area we came in the woods again. Near Dutch John we found near the Lake a great campground... They offered my Dh even a job there !! It was hot and the kinds wanted to swim. So we climbed down to the Lake

There was no beach, only rocks. The only thing we could do was jumping into the water. What a fun . First from the lower rocks

and then higher.

yes here you see our little . Even she was ventured to jump :)

I love this picture. At this moment we sit here. I can imagine that years ago a indian was sitting here at the same place !

At the next campground I discovered a mouse in the camper. Me and a mouse !!!!! I think he came in at Dutch John. But it is a funny thought when I picture ourself driving with the camper and a little mouse driving with us... Do you see it too :-) ?? The last time I heard him we were back in Salt Lake City . I can imagine a better place to clime out !

We arrived save back at Salt Lake City . Thanks to this driver , my DH

We flew from Salt Lake City to Atlanta. There we rented a car and drove to Bonnie . ....... next time more .


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Luck !!

I am spoiled this week with luck . First with the book and yesterday I found these baby for my featherweight !!! Isn't she cute!. She is from the 50th. made in england.

And I bought also this machine. It is from france. I visited a friend who have a great collection with toy machines and she was so lovely to me sell these machines. Yes I know I am very lucky:-)

And ..... I am more blessed this week! Bonnie booked yesterday for the both of us a cabin. We are going in april to Paducah!! YES!!!!!! I come next year again to America ( this time alone.... girlsstuff ;-)

Lucy ( with a big smile on her face )

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hi girls,

Between all my vacation memories, I will share with you what I do these days!
Yesterday I went with my quiltfriends to the biggest quiltshow in the Netherlands. It is from the quiltersguild. My friends quilt hung there.
Here is Annemarie with her quilt. She made it for her son!

and........... LUCKY ME!!! Look what I have on my table . Yes, yes I found the book from Liberated quilts from Gwen Marston at a booth. For a very good price! I couldn't believe my eyes that it was there , waiting for me to buy it. The other book is also a great purchase :-)

And what do I have under my sewing machine?? a tiny new project between all my UFOs . I remembered that I told friends in the morning that I have so much projects that I first want to finish some. It is a mess in my closet with fabrics.. I couldn't find anymore the fabrics I need.... etc.etc. And then, in the afternoon, I was taking a peek at the mavericks and found these cute little girls at Karen's blog. Karen was so generous to share with me her pattern. She designed it.
There was a inner feeling that was stronger as my mind.( I think this is always my excuse to start a new project *LOL*) I Have had to try a little girl. So on the same day I told that I don't want to start a new project I was sitting behind my sewing machine . And this is the result. I will make a little quilt. I have already ideas . O ja, the size of the block is 5"


Sunday, September 10, 2006

After Yellow Stone we came in cowboyland. Cody, Thermopolis etc. I don't know how to describe this landscape. It have something beautiful . It is so wide, all the same and rough! We came along ranches in the middle of the wilderness . We saw a lot of old stuff because it looks like that people leave it there behind their houses. For us it was very interesting to see the old cars from the 50th .

Even between the modern gasolinepumps was still the old one :-)

In Thermopolis I found a beautiful quiltshop ... Yes Fabrics . When I came back to the RV, my husband surprised me with a vintage quilttop. He saw it in a antique shop and likes it. It was before a tied quilt I see some knots left. I want to rip of the border and bring it back to a tied quilt. I will use the fabric from the yellow border for the binding. Thanks to my husband I have a special memorie from this rough area ! And I think this "trip around the world" is very suitable for us !

After Thermoplis we drove again in the middle of nowhere ... We saw a sign that the Oregontrail came along here... Can you imagine ?? A trail with a lot of family's riding trough this landscape for days ! Searching for new places to live. The moms and girls even quilt in the covered wagons I am impressed and love to read in this book about it . Special now I have "feel" the place where they went through.

After a long day drive we didn't saw a campground. I notice on the map that there must be one 10 miles from the road. We tried it and ... yes first this sign :-) and after that a campground in a beautiful area. Like my daughter say : a Lucky Luck Landscape .

It was a treat when the sun came down. The earth showed me a breathtaking view . It was only for a few seconds. But it is for my lifelong in my mind!!!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

At this picture you see my DH . It is a good picture to show you how small we are in this impressive world !!

My kids together. I am so proud :-)

And we wondered about these RV s ..... They are so big. And they even pull a big car, like a dinky toy, behind these big busses. ( I needed to take a picture of it to show it home )

Pim and me choose already a car ;-) I can't imagine how to drive here in Holland with those big ones ...

Talking about big..... What do you think about this size Pizza

And my big girl is buying alone, talking in english, a souvernir !!

to be continued........


Monday, September 04, 2006

Between all my vacation pictures I am already a week at home. Today the kids are back to school. And I finished just my Purple Stars !!!!!!!!!!!! YES!


I end Yellow Stone with a picture of a breathtaking waterfall . And Buffalo's in the morning !


Sunday, September 03, 2006

After Teton we went to Yellow Stone and Ohh my the nature was becomming more and more impressive ! After a short walk we came to this waterfall! When I close my eyes now I hear still the sound and I can smell the wood :-)

At every campground is a fireplace. At this campground we were very high in the mountains so in the evening it was a pleasure to use the fireplace !

In the evenings we make a ramble round the campground.

The geyser area was beautiful. Now we walk on guideroads... Can you imagine how it was here about 150 years ago or even more !!!

I can show you so much great pictures....

Actually this is a quiltblog :-) I hope I am not boring you !

Saturday, September 02, 2006

We found out that a lot is big in the US..
Even the seeds from the "paardebloemen" are big. The seeds were very stuck. And very hard to blow them away :-)

we drove after Bear Lake to the to the Grant Tetons

We enjoyed the ride to the Tetons very much ... every minute we saw it becomming more and more beautiful! And finally there they are , the mountains, with the snow on thetop !!!! It was a big wish for me to see snow on the mountains in summer and tadahh...........