Monday, October 30, 2006

A new UFO :-)

Last week I am treated by Dawn with two new Books !! One book is full with antique quilts displayed in gorgeous rooms . The other book is full with inspiring words from Gwen Marston and Freddy Morgan . Droling the whole week over the beautiful quilts made me that I want to start with a new one. But that also means that a other quilt is added to my pile of UFOs. ...... mmm. It is not a good feeling to sew with a "pile of UFOs on my back"
Gwen's inspirationwords give me a light ......

So I wake up on saturday with the idea to make a quilt from my Ufos and grab my pile and pin some randomly on a sheet !

Do I like it??? My husband thought is is a mess. Lesson number one from Freddy Morgan
So I decided to sew first all the "quilts" together.

I started with my New York Beauty. It was a project from last year ago on a retrait. Over two weeks we have the retrait again. And I will see all the finished beauties. Wouldn't it be great that I can show a finished quilt with the beauties in it ??

Next part I sewed together was my other Ufo If you look good at the picture you can see that I got some company with music :-)

I sewed my third UFO together, add some borders to a block , add a row with nine patches and....YES ... I also add a another ufo. ( I even didn't made a post of it) I went to bed with the Gwen Marston book. And I was hoping that I still like the idea next morning !

And I did !!! It has to be that most of the parts fitts together. But not the NYB row... One of Gwen guidelines is: "Is it to big cut it off" mmmm when I do this I can't go back with the decision to go back to only my New York Beauty quilt ....

Oké I cut it off! And sewed all blocks together and add a border.

TAA DAAAHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reduced five UFOs to one !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That feels so great ! Thanks to the inspring words from Gwen Marston and Freddy Morgan ! I can start with a new quilt without the feeling from a lot of ufos on my back .

mmmm .. now I am thinking of using a ufo quiltop for the backing ....... That means that I am rid of 6 Ufos ......
And at least I can say that this quilt is very MAVERICK !!


Friday, October 20, 2006

Last part of our vacation

It is already a "long"time ago that we went on our vacation. I will share with you my last pictures from the Smoky's. Just a few pictures I love so much.
A old car in Smoky National park. It must be there already for years....

A beautiful creek.. OOh I miss it . I miss the smell, the sound ....

Our kids in front of a another old car. This car was at the Art crafts route. A fun route with shops from the local people selling their arts.

This is my treasure. A stringquilt from the 40 th... With definitely older fabrics in it. I bought it in a antique mall. It has something what called to me: 'take me home!!'

I LOVE this picture. It is from a lady in the museum on a farm. She told the visitors how it was to live in this rural area 100 years ago!

Yes was the last part of our trip. NEW YORK. The oldest kids loved it. It was fun to see..... What a city.

After this we flew home. We often think about our trip. Yes, it was top!!!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Progress on my Barbara Bucher Snyder Quilt

I forgot which was the last block I post from the Barbara Bucher quilt. I finished this morning the last block from this row. So I could add the row to the others! I like the colors Barbara choose 100 years ago !

I would never found out to putt these colors together by myself. She inspired me so much that I had to make a mini with these colors. ( my other mini ended for display in the shop :-)


Saturday, October 14, 2006

In the Smoky Mountains National Park you can find some musea with the old cabins from about 100 years ago. It must be a rough live for a woman at that time. With hardly neighbors around and if they need groceries they went with a mull to the village nearby.

I loved to see the cabins. And I know I am a dreamer. Tho I love to dream about live at that time. It was such a good feeling to be on a place where it all happend.

I don't know what it is but I LOVE to see men chopping wood ;-)

Aren't they cute ??



It was at this cabin that the bear came for a visit. The first time we were only for about 3 hours at the house. Later we found out that the bears came a bit wandering around everyday.(we are thiking that it was not everyday the same bear )

Even behind the window in the house it was a bit scrarry to look at the bear. It was for the kids a peak in their vacation!!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Thanks for all your thoughts for my dad. He is home and he is doing fine at this moment. But the last time he has been so much at the hospital that we never know how it is over ' a hour'.....

I stopped with my vacation memories at Yellow Stone... But we went also to the Smoky Mountains. And I know that some of you like to read a post of it.. so Better late than never here it is:

This was the view from our lovely cabin!

And this was the cabin we rented up in the mountains. The road to the cabin was at the end very scary . Special in the dark !

The kids loved the hottub at the house

I think this picture is also typical The Smokys.

The climate at the Smoky's is very humidity. The wood is also very close with trees with leafs. There is a special smell..
and a lot of creeks with little waterfalls. I love it :-)

Blogger won't let me upload more pictures ... I will try it tomorrow again :-)


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last monday I visited my friend. And , oohh she made such a lovely tiny miniquilts for her toy sewing machines. It gave me so much inspiration that I have to make one too!
And this is the result. The little squares are 1 cm.(3/8 inch) I made it by machine and ... I quilted it by machine :-)

Whyle I was playing with my fabrics My dad called me. His blood wasn't good. Kidneyproblems again. He have to go to the hospital tomorrow for a urgent surgery.It is not a big surgery tho he have to go through it again . I feel so sorry for him. He was hoping for one month rest. Because his next appointment is in november.. But nop.


Monday, October 02, 2006


I have had a very busy week. My daughter Purdey had her birthday. She is now 12. I got Barbara and two friends from sweden for a visit. We had a fantastic day! We met at the shop and after that we went to my house for some sewing and a dinner. It is so great to meet woman from other country's. They spoiled me with beautifull gifts.

Between all I baste my tulips and start quilting. I want to keep it simple so I quilt it with a 60° diamond grid. ( sorry for the dark picture )

But I was looking for more.. so I decided to make a double line. And yes, I am satisfied!!

The weather is changing. It feels so cozy to sit on the couch and quilt whyle I can hear the rain patter on the windows. ( special when I know I don't have to go outside ;-)