Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The quilt hung at a show in 2002 ! I found a picture and thought it is nice to share it with you. Because you can see the quilt better !


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Because I have a busy time with my dad , a few birthdays , Sinterklaas etc.etc. I do not have a lot of time to sew right now. So I will show you an oldie. It is my second quilt. I made it for my daughter Purdey . I was inspired by a cheque advertisement in a quilt magazine .. It was a very small picture of just the lemoyestar but enough for me to make this quilt.


pieced by hand, quilted by hand, I even did the binding by hand :-)


As you all know I can brag.... This evening I took Purdey to bed. And I looked at the lable on her quilt. Hmmmmm I read that I finished it in 2002 . That means that I started this quilt as my second quilt.. But I didn't finished it as my second :-) .... Because I started quilting in 1996. And I don't think that I finished two quilts in 6 years !!!!
I think I have to refresh my memory.*LOL *

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

sometimes you don't want to do.......

Sometimes you don't want to do shopping,cleaning,ironning,cooking,reading even sewing ......... and you see your son doing a game...
I only can say try it :-)) draw a line and see what happens


ps.... it is addicted to make a longggggg perfect line

Thursday, November 16, 2006

..oeps wrong order

I wanted to show so many pictures from the antique quilts (and with a high resolution ) .. that it didn't fitt in one post.
I had to make two post of it .... and I did it in the wrong order :-/

Next quilt is also from the 30's... A beautiful scrap quilt with so many different pieces of fabrics. You keep looking at it :-)
On the back you can see that it is also beautifull quilted!

Last but not least. It is the quilt I brought with me from the smokey mountains. It is a 40's string quilt .


retreat 2

It was so great that we had 4 antique/old quilts at the Show and Tell.

This is a nine patch from the 30's . It is a beauty in simplicity I think . And the quilting is very interesting!

Next quilt is from 1880... On the quilt are blue marking lines. We try to find out why? I heard that it could be that the quilt is quilted by a another generation in the 20's because the blue markers were populair at that time ( thanks kathie :-)

The owner found this quilt in a shop in Canada.It was under a pile of ... "something" And she could take it home with her for a very low price :-)
We don't know the date. It looks like that it was made from pyama's and shirts. The blue border is perfect I think !

Monday, November 13, 2006


I am home from a great weekend . It is always fun to sew with a group of woman together!!! It is a treat to sew and that you only have to stop for a meal .... not for housekeeping not for groceries not for.... etc.etc.

As you can see I am a woman who is afraid to have something at home while I need it.. This is the stuff from two quilters. Karin, my friend , and me :-)

This was a sample from the pattern we all have done this weekend.

....and some results.....

Me, promoting my sewing machine .... I thought like in a special kind of brochure. But if woman see a picture like this, they don't buy a pfaff anymore :-)) A stupid picture from myself , but we had so much fun !!

And this is what I made !


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank you, thank you

Thank you all for your positive words about my UFO !! I am impressed that I got so many comments and that I inspired so many woman. I hope to see one day your reduced Ufos :-) .
I spend my week most with my nose in all my quiltbooks.. enjoying the beautiful quilts and new inspirations . By the time I will make a desicion what I am going to do.
This weekend I am on a retrait. When I am home I show you a new top!
(I hope ;-)


~a tulip block inspired by a antique quilt on ebay~