Saturday, December 30, 2006

Chrome Yellow

As you all know I can't stay at one project ... I need a lot of projects around me :-)) Inspired by Tracey's pile with Log cabins and a book I borrowed from a friend, I had to start a log cabin myself. I love the Chrome Yellow as I seem to be in my Chrome Yellow period! :-))

******** HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! *********

* Yellow doesn't show up :-)



About a month ago the new shop owner asked me if I want to teach the beginners class!! I feel so excited about it. A wish has come true! I love to show beginners the quilting world. It also means a lot of work and a sample of what I want to teach. I just finished the top.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas quilt

I worked so hard on my Red and White quilt. It was my goal to finish it before Christmas. I almost made it. This picture was taken on Christmas eve.....If you take a good look you can also see that I was too much in a hurry... I am not satisfied with my straight lines. I didn't draw them before and now they are wavy :-/( I need more practise to do this freehanded) I decided to leave it like this. Nobody is perfect !

Today I finished the quilt. And I arrived to a tricky part: I wanted to wash it to get an antique look. I was so afraid of bleeding with the red fabric against the white. That wasn't necessary.....

LOOK ! It is finished !!!


note: The red fabric is a Kona Kaufmann

Sunday, December 24, 2006

******* Merry Christmas ******


This was made by me as a gift for a friend. I love the result and I think I will made another one for myself :-)


Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas quilt

At Christmas time I always notice that I have only one Christmas wallhanging, and to me it isn't in the "right" Christmas colors. So I decided to do something about that and I made this red and white quilttop. I still have to quilt it, and I think I need to wash and even dry it in the dryer for an antique look... Let's hope that I can do that all before Christmas :-)


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last weekend I had my birthday and my husband surprised me with a weekend for the both of us! He arranged everything at home for the kids.And he picked me up after my work. I didn't knew where we going to. It was Dokkum. A beautifull small place in Friesland, in the north of Holland. We stayed in a lovely hotel in the middle of the small village. It was a old orphanage.

Friesland have a lot of very old small little villages. Every village, how small it is , have their own church. And ooohh they are so old and so beautifull!!
Look at this house! Isn't it amazing! Just like a dream :-)
We had a marvellous time together.