Thursday, February 01, 2007


My daughter Natasja bought a bedside cupboard at Ikea. Well a bedside cupboard from Ikea means that you get it like this!!!

My DH has only time to put the parts together at the weekend.. And you all know know how women are (especially young women from 15) It needed to be done immediately.
Natasja says to me with her sweetest face that her mom can do everything... Well, I don't want to disappoint her faith in I grab the screwdriver and there I go !

We are very traditional in my family. We have men's work and we have women's work. I need to say that it works and we are all happy with it. Normally my DH does things like this... Tho I think Ikea knows how women are ( impatient) because you get this bedside cupboard with perfect instructions... (or don't you think that the perfect instructions are for men who are not so handy but they want to look handy,strong and masculine ;-) )

Anyway I love the instructions


Dawn said...

Look at you! What talent and skill! Wow a woman that can do anything!

Beth said...

We have *lots* of Ikea stuff in our house. I think because my DH just loves to put the stuff together! Good job Lucy!

Darcie said...

Oh...wish we had an Ikea close by. I love the looks of their things.

You look so smart with your screwdriver in hand...and your keen eyes on task! Thanks for sharing your many pics, Lucy! I bet your daughter is a happy young woman!

Tracey said...

Look at YOU, Lucy!! The woman who can do anything and everything! :o) And you *really* look like you KNOW what you're doing, too! Great job, Mom!!

Judy said...

Good job on the bedside table!! Sometimes I think we are better at following the instructions than men are!