Thursday, April 12, 2007

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Dawn with the thinking blogger award. What an honour. I blushed when I read all her words :-) but.... you have to check Dawn's block after she met me in Paducah. I'm not sure if she is still thinking the same about me after that ;-) lol.

Now it is my turn to tag 5 blogs. Believe me that isn't easy. I came up with this:

Bonnie. she is my best friend and it is a treasure to share my life with her almost every day !

1 - And I want to mention Kathie. I met her through blogging.She doesn't have a blog anymore. But we still keep in touch. Her support and ideas give me all the inspiration I need. It is a thrill to share our projects with each other. Thank you Kathie :-)

2 - Nancy in MT She lives close to Yellow Stone where went last summer. I love her wildlife pictures and her primitive quilts are gorgeous. I will come up with a quilt like that one day.

3 - Karen Her style of quilt making is coming straight from my heart.

4 - Tracey I wish I had her talent for writing. She has a great sense of humour and I love her quilts.

5 - All the blogs I read.
And I want to mention that I am inspired by your comments. I am so impressed that so many ladies take time to read my blog and leave a comment. Thank you! That is why I keep on blogging :-)



Dawn said...

We will wait and see what I say about you in May after we see each ohter!!!! I can't wait!!!

La Tea Dah said...

Congratulatons on your award, Lucy! I sure know you are an inspiration to me! Keep up the good work!

Your friend,