Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pretty Sunday

I love the Sundays when every member of my family amuses him or herself and when we don't have any commitments.
My two youngest daughters are playing with their dolls...
My husband and son are watching a James Bond movie.

My oldest daughter is at school. She is acting in a play. ( this picture is taken on Friday at the premiere. She is the second girl with the blonde hair.)

My dog is enjoying the fire.

And I .... ofcourse I am playing with my fabrics. A mini again, it is a perfect gift for a friend :-))In front of my table is my armoire - from 1880- with a mirror... I thought it was fun to take a self-portrait.


Thursday, January 25, 2007


It is freezing here. That feels so great. I love to cycle in this weather. With a warm jacket, a warm scrave and warm gloves on.... the cold biting in my cheeks..... and then coming home to a warm cozy house.. mmmmmm.....

I am working on my swap with Dawn .We bought the same templates and we sew two blocks with the same fabric. One for Dawn and one for me... I am thrilled with the result. But oooohhh my..... it is so difficult to sew curves by machine!!! I tried several methodes: like using a lot of pins.... with only three pins..... and now without pinning. Gré - the new shopowner- can sew curves as the best and she do it without any pin. So I think what she can do, I can do it too:-) I don't give up and I am sure with a lot of practise I can make neat curves...
Dawn look! There are comming blocks your way :-))

ps... All credit to Dawn. She has sewn most blocks ( you can see at the picture ) !! I am a lot behind :-/


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ohh baby, baby ......

Girls look what I found !! Yes a new Baby!! . I already have a featherweight 222k .... and now I found a 221 for a very very good price. I don't think have to tell you how happy I am :-))

I am still quilting only I can't show it. It is for an applique class I am going to teach in Amsterdam. I know that a few students also read my blog... so I don't want give away some surprises :-))

Last Thursday we had a very heavy storm here. There was a weather alert. The kids were sent home from school. This picture was in our local newspaper. I thought it was so beautiful, that I want it to share it with you.Unfortunately 7 people died in our country by falling trees and traffic accidents.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

On a rainy Sunday.....

The weather was boring today .. Just a soft rain, tho enough to stay at home ! Dawn and I are swapping beautiful drunkard path blocks. Actually she sent me a pile and I still have to sew them ..... So I thought that today was a perfect day for it. Everybody at home was enjoying her or himself so ........sewing time for Mammy . I opened my closet to search for some fabrics! and...... I found a bag with scraps which I got from Kathie, and she showed me last her quilt she made with blue fabrics .... And the inpspiration came up. Sorry Dawn, I always have very strong inner feelings. So no drunkard path today but a blue project.

My daughters with a helping hand.
I like squares. I love the simplicity! In the bag with scraps was only one fabric big enough for the border!

( why do I always make a mistake with a simple pattern like this ... believe me I only found it when I uploaded this picture !!)
In my turn I inspired my daughter ...... She played with her fabrics and had so much fun !!