Monday, March 26, 2007

First I want to thank you for the nice comments and emails on my red and green appliqué. It is overwhelming. I am impressed !!

Thank you! :-)))

It was such an enjoyment and fun to make the quilt , that I decided to go for an another appliqué :-)

I want to make a four block with huge blocks and a very wide border with a vase and long vines with flowers . My first idea was to use a blue background. ( the blue in the picture is more bright than in reality ) but.........

when I ironed some prewashed fabrics ( that is another story ) I saw this on my ironing board... THAT is the perfect background for my new appliqué.

so for two days I was looking in my books and I came by this block. This is my inspiration ! So I grab my paper with my scissors and start cutting.. It is so fun to do ! Really you have to try it :-)

...........see it need some practice, I had to cut the feathers many times before I was satisfied :-)

I decide to use the colors as in a solid red and green... one green fabric for the leaves and stems one red fabric for the flowers etc.etc.. I want to give this quilt the same character as a red and green appliqué only with prints. I love the background and I am happy that I have enough for this quilt. ( I bought it when I visited Bonnie, good memories :-)

mmm I can already imagine four blocks of these !


ps.. the pieces are not sewn on the background. You see them with seams.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Applique quilt

Finally my appliqué quilt is finished :-).

It started with a book from Gwen Marston. Her words about appliqué are straight from my heart ! She says that over the last years we added so much techniques which isn't necessary. I think she is right.
So I step 150 years back in time and I made my own pattern with paper and a scissor . I placed the pieces by eye. And I used my favorite needleturning technique.

I chose fresh colors. Grass green, red and I added a bit of pink and orange !

I was inspired to use the method they did in the 1800's .
Using this method described by Gwen and studying antique quilts I created my own applique quilt.

I saw in antique quilts that the borders can be different. I love that idea. So I played with the borders.

Most ladies in the past quilted through the appliqué patches. I thought to do the same. But I couldn't. Maybe next quilt :-)

Well here it is. I think it is a typical 'Lucy' quilt !


Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yes, Spring has arrived !!

You can see it in my daughter's face ... Since today she has her summerfreckles :-)