Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What am I doing these days?

After my trip I was overloaded with ideas. I couldn't choose what to do. So I picked up my daily life, played a bit with the computer, found this picture on a weblog. I think it was once published in a magazine! Ohh isn't this wall a dream?

I love the color poison green. I had to start green doll quilt inspired by the quilt you see on the right of the door. Yes, with fabrics I purchased on my trip :-)

I sewed the blocks at random together!

I have more mini/doll quilts. Now I need a wall llike this:-)


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

USA 11

Everytime when I start writing about my trip, I think this is my last post. And then I see all the great pictures and remember all my great experiences. I would love to share it all with you. But I have to finish it. So this will be my last post about Paducah!

This quilt is the price winner of the show. Her proud husband is sitting next to it and he is listening to all the comments of the ladies (hmmm lucky he didn't hear mine ;-)

Look at this tiny little doll quilt. We saw it in a shop window. Lot of shops had quilts for display.
I can show you more beautiful pictures but as I said I need to finish it.

After a couple of beautiful days at Paducah it was time to go home.

Of course we planned our "pit stops" at antique malls ;-)

On the way to Paducah we saw a very interesting quilt. It was in a bad condition but it was awesome. So I had doubts about buying the quilt. We had to visit Paducah.(I can spend the money just once you know) But later I had regrets. So on the way home we stopped at the antique mall and it was still there waiting for me. It has so many fabrics to look at! It is awesome! And look it has only one poison green hourglass in it!

And here is Bonnie with her purchase. On her blog you can see it closer :-)

This is the last picture I share with you. I think you all have a good idea what I did on my trip. It was so wonderful. I had such a great time with Bonnie, and I hope I come back one day.

At home :

My purchases and gifts!!

And my beautiful country girl with her mammy's hat!!

a funny note:
After Bonnie dropped me at the airport I had to go through customs. The security and customs are always very strict!! ( not so friendly)

A man was loudly telling the rules. You know shoes off, belt off, no liquids etc.etc. I took off my boots, belt of and went through the gate. All the men looked at me. I was dressed in my jeans and nice shirt and my socks were a screaming color orange ....... everybody start laughing. "Lady" he said "those socks are killing "