Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Do you know that this lady needs an apron while cooking cleaning gardening etc... And I don't mean an apron but yes an APRON! I don't know how but everytime when I am doing chores I make a mess of my clothes.. I saw an apron on Jewel's beautiful blog that is made for me ... I only could say oohh and aahhh. I had to make one myself.

First you have to find perfect fabric. Well I can tell you IKEA has. It is nice, cheap and sturdy! I I took my used apron for a pattern ,I know it has to be bigger...

Then it is just cut and sew ...... and taaa daaaahhh a very nice apron!

My 15 years old daughter was so friendly to take pictures of me. Smiley pictures of a happy mom. But 15 years old daughters aren't doing anymore what mommy says.....

so here you are, a not so happy mom's picture

The night dress I hold in this picture was one belonged . Yes I wore it when I was little and now Isis is wearing it :-)
In the afternoon a father of isis' friend picked up his daughter. I opended the door with my apron on. ( it was dinnertime ) He looked at me and asked me with a grin on his face: Afraid of making a mess ????


Monday, August 20, 2007


Pim, Purdey and Isis are off to the supermarket to pick up groceries I forgot to buy.....


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dawn surprised me with a little orange mini quilt. You can find it in this picture . I love it so much and I had to make one when I found the little snips I thought it was fun to play with them like Dawn did.

I sewed everything together. Just as free as the pieces come. And then I had three little rows....
I love pink. so first I want to set them in pink. But no.... it needed something else.

It was also cheddar!

After sewing the rows together it needed I added red!

I still wanted to play with this quilt and I added green !

I had so much fun with making this mini. It felt free! This quilt needs freehand quilting.

At this point I was ready for inspiration from the book Quilting with Style by Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham

Ta Daaahhh. With help from the book I can show you my first freehand quilted cable and a feather!! I am satisfied, even without a galloping horse ;-)


As I said I was hopping from one to another project and I was searching for something simple that gives me a satisfied and a happy feeling. I tried these fourpatches..... but they couldn't attract me. A friend told me she is missing brighter colors to make me happy. She is right.

I was digging in this caddy for a seamripper and I found some fabric snips....

I start to play.........


After my dad's passing away I am trying to catch up with my life again. I feel very restless. So I am hopping from one to another quilt project. I sewed two blocks for my Barbra Bucher quilt. It is nice to work on a project I don't have to "think" about. I will reproduce this quilt. I only have to follow the pattern and take a look at the original for the colors...... I am using the paper piecing method.

Do you know that that can be soooo difficult. Everything that can go wrong, went wrong with this block. You have to think in a mirror imagine, also upside down etc.etc. So it doesn't look like the original ... but I am going to use it in my quilt. I think about Gwen Marston's Granny's words: "If you can't see it from a gallopping horse,it's not worth fretting over" Well I can imagine myself on a galloping horse and yes I don't see my mistakes :-).


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My youngest daughter Isis shows up great on almost every picture I take of her. She looks like an angel,but believe me she is the most cocky person I ever have known!


Monday, August 13, 2007


We are back home from a very, very relaxing vacation. We spend the days sailing,reading, resting,eating and doing nothing! Just what we needed . With these pictures I will give you an impression of our days..........
I think it was way too optimistic to think that I was able to finish my tulip quilt. Why did I ever decide to quilt it with a double line????? :-)