Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am the proud owner of a featherweight 221 born in year 1947! It's in used condition,but I think it is never been used after the 50s. It needed a tune up kit. ( to be ordered at My DH loves old machines. So I thought he would be the right person to hand a tune up kit, my featherweight, and the rest would follow :-)

A few minutes and a cup of coffees later, a happy mom behind her machine :-)

My dear friend Dawn surprised me with solids she bought in Lancaster. Especially a brown color attracted my eye :-)

Inspired by the tripp to the mill I had to make an Amish quilt.

The start.....

a bit later...... it needs a bit more......

After searching the web I found this picture. Yes it needs blue! Just a little bit.

And here it is: My first top on my featherweight. Now it has to come alive with my quilting stitches!


Monday, September 24, 2007

De Korenmolen

Last week we went to windmill De Zandhaas close to our house. The mill was built in 1779 .When you go in time moves years back! I thought it would be nice to share some pictures with you. They are all so beautifull.

Look at these wooden shoes! You see them when you step through the frontdoor.

In the windmill is a little shop. You can buy all kinds of flour, ecological vegetables, and a lot more!!!!! Isis is buying old fashion liquorice.

A part of the shop. Picture is taken from stairs.

Look at this window. Even the stairs are a thrill to see !

The mill was working you can see the movement from the cogwheel.

The feeling of this mill and seeing the colors puts me in the mood for a simple Amish quilt :-)

to be continued...


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sampler top is finished !!!

Thank you for thinking with me.

And thanks to some of you whose mailboxes I bombarded with my doubts and accompanying pictures. I grabbed every change to vent about this quilt.

That I am having a nasty cold isn't good for my mood. At one point when I couldn't find a handkerchief I even wanted to blow my nose in this quilt.

These blocks have been waiting in my closet for almost a year. I was at the point that it had to move to my pile with tops ! What is in my mind is not in my ....
I really played with Tonya's suggestion to make a border with her letters, but in this phase it takes me too much time. (tho I have an idea for the backing ;-)

Well, Taa daahh here it is. Look and see !


Monday, September 17, 2007

Tumblers and Sampler.

Megan talked on her blog about a cutting party she had with friends! Well she wasn't the only one who received so many tumblers. They know I start cutting tumblers from all your fabrics
and they thought it would be nice to send me a ziploc full with tumblers. Surprise!! Thank you so much ! I will add them to my quilt. What good friends :-))

I think two years ago we had a sampler project at the LQS where I work. Next year a show is planned with all samplers. We had ( I thought) 5 groups with 15 students each. If everyone finishes their quilt there will be 75 quilts ! I taught 2 groups. So I feel some pressure to finish mine... My only problem is that I don't like it anymore... What do you think? Any suggestions?


Monday, September 03, 2007

Busy weeks

All my kids are back in school again and I thought to catch up with my normal life again. Especially the things that I have/want to do but what I haven't done for weeks!! That's were the problem starts: .... I have about 16 hours a day that I am awake. And let's say that I am productive for 13 hours........
But what I need and want to do takes more than 13 hours a day. So my conclusion: The day is too short or I need more hours in a day . LOL

Finally I finished the first block of my fourblock applique I started months ago ! I am really happy with the result.

And I know what I am going to do with the fabrics I received from you all :-) . In the same period my dear friend Kathie sent me a tumbler template. Yeahh that's it. That is the idea I was looking for :-)