Friday, November 30, 2007

McCall's quilting

Can you believe it?? I'm in !!! Holly Holderman wrote an article about blogs in McCall's quilting. Holly has listed 20 blogs and talks a little bit about each one. She included mine and my friend Bonnie too! I am so thrilled and flattered, me a Dutch woman in an American magazine! Thank you so much Holly!


Just Elf'ing Around

Ohh you have to visit Dawn's blog and click on the Elf Glee !! This is too hilarious LOLOL !!! She turned Laura, Bonnie, herself and I into Christmas ELVES ... Dawn, you knew we fit perfect in that costume ;-)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feathered Wall hanging

About a year ago I made this block. It was just an experiement. I had the idea to make nine different blocks with different fabrics. While sewig the second block I came to another idea .

This block is a leftover. As I am going to teach a feathered star class, I thought I could use this block as a simple wall hanging example. So what about a border??? In these pictures you can see some different ideas....I didn't like any of them ....With blue I tried to add color, but it didn't work. To me everything looks boring.........

Finally I came to this idea :-). Do you see the little blue all the way around, till the last pieces met each other ..... HECK.... my system doesn't work! I thought: "hmmm, a nice blue triangle and I am done !!!!" Nobody is perfect :-) .

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Playing with a small cutter piece

Bonnie didn't only give me the table topper. She also gave me the last piece of her cutter quilt. She thought I could do something nice with it. She was right! Look I made a sewing case and a pincushion. Isn't it nice :-) I am going to take a look at eBay for quilt cutters too. It is a lot of fun to play with.


Sunday, November 11, 2007


Last week I received three gifts from lovely friends!! Yes I know I am being spoiled :-))

Bonnie is turning into a fantastic old quilt cutter rescuer. She shared one cutter with me: Isn't it a nice idea that one piece stayed in the US and one piece came to The Netherlands. I think the maker of the quilt never guessed that would happen to her quilt !! The quilt is tied and the fabrics are so nice.

The other gift is from Bonnie's friend Sally. Bonnie told me that she is a frequent reader of my blog. Sally gave me a feedsack!! Ohh what a thrill. Together they are so nice to display on my rack.

If this was not enough Karen send me a beautiful drawing she made of my daughter Isis. We will frame it and hang it in a nice spot, and when Isis is going to live on her own it will be a treasure to take with her.


Sunday, November 04, 2007


A few days ago I received a surprise in the mail from my dear friend Kathie. The American Patchwork and Quilt 2008 calendar which has her tumbler quilt on the cover! Isn’t it lovely. The colors and fabrics she used are awesome! Just like what I like. A booklet comes with the calendar with the patterns for all 12 quilts in the calendar. A few weeks ago I received the leftover tumblers in a large ziploc bag from her quilt and her friend Patty’s quilt. They thought it would be nice so I could use them in my memory/friendship quilt. Lucky me :-)


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time flies

Ohh time flies.... it is running so fast!

Last week I was working on my tumbler blocks with all the fabrics I received after my dad passed away!! Two of my quilt friends like the tumblers so much that they had to make one themselves. I thought it was fun to sew together so I invited them for a tumbler party ! Isis was free from school and she was so sweet as to take care of the catering for us! ( she understands that her mom was in a competition to win the tumbler race... did I just say party ??)

This is what I sewed till so far! It looks cozy don't you think?


ps.. I hope to post tomorrow my other project I started...