Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blue fabric II

It's here !!!! Yeah ... (a dancing Lucy)
I bet you can all guess what I will be doing today :-)

I don't receive only my blue fabric. The postman delivered two parcels. Kathie sent me a gorgeous pattern from Jeana Kimball, some beautiful fabrics and lovely needles, also from Jeana.

Ooo what a beautiful day !!



Tracey said...

sew lucy, SEW! :o)


Kathie said...

I LOVE this pattern and can't wait to start making it AFTER we finish this other quilt though!
I know how much you love Jeana's needles like i do and of course the fabric had to be used to protect the needles so they didn't get damaged :)
glad the blue fabric arrived now sew the day away!

pamina said...

Wonderful ! Can't wait to see your progress !

lil said...

that pattern is gorgeous and the fabrics too
about these needles, is there something speciak because I don't know them?
waiting for the postman, maybe he's got the same package for me too, ;o))))

canquilt said...

Yeah!!!! You have been so patient. Now you can sew until you can't sew anymore. I better get going, my reprieve is over now that your fabric is here. Kathie is nearly done, Pamina is 1/4 done and you now have the 'blue'. I better go sew some seams!

Dawn said...

Oh your quilt is going to be awesoeme! that blue fabric is perfect!

Moorea said...

Oh, that fabric is scrumptious.
In your hands Lucy, it will be something beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with it all.
Dancing with you!

Nancy in MT said...

Off to find that magazine, just looked thru the pics on their website and see lots of inspiration. You make a good haul today with the fabric and the gifts. I posted a snowy mountain pic for you.

Judy said...

Love everything Lucy, it will be a spectacular quilt.

May I ask which needle you hand quilt with?? The size 11 Betweens or the Sharps. Those are tiny needles! Yikes

Thimbleanna said...

Yipeee! Can't wait to see your quilt progress!

Nancy Anne said...

Lucy - I'm a regular lurker to your blog. I just love seeing what you are doing! I can't wait to see this latest project. Please be sure to include work in progress pictures!

katherine said...

I just stumbled on your blog and it is so charming! I love the photographs and the quilts and, oh, just all of it! I am a quilter myself--I love to work with vintage and reproduction 1920s to '40s fabrics, and I love to hand quilt. And I love antiques! I taught my sister to quilt, and now we both love to do it, but we also have very young children and can't often find the time!

Anyway, thanks so much for putting together such a beautiful blog. I will look forward to checking out your new projects!

in Texas, USA

Lea said...

Lucy, I'm so glad that you got the blue fabric! So I can see more your progress of the Mennonite quilt. :-)
I have Jeana Kimball's books but I didn't know that she has website!
You surely got a wonderful goodies!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What a bright, sunshiny happy day you're having! Love it.

atet said...

What lovely packages in the mail! That quilt is going to be stunning.

Liberty Star Farm said...


I love the Jeana Kimball Autumn pattern. I took a class from her here in Ohio last summer. She had this quilt hanging up on the wall. Thanks for showing it here. I had forgotten how much I liked the pattern, I may have to order it to add to my "to do" list.

Syersken said...

What a lovely pattern!

Catherine Quillé said...

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