Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Faithy

In my last post I told you that I was sewing on something else besides my purple quilt. That was Faithy. I have been searching for a primitive prairie doll for a long time. I couldn't find it. I asked Libby, who has a beautiful primitive style of quilting, if she knew where I could buy a pattern or a doll. A few days later she told me that she found a pattern in a magazine and she was so generous enough to send it to me. Thank you so much Libby!

I was so happy; this is the doll I was looking for!!! As soon as Libby's package came I had to start with the creation of Faithy. After I read the poem that goes with the doll I couldn't stop.

The creation of Faithy gave me a lot of surprises. To age the body I had to use instant coffee and the oven!! I have never done this before. So I did exactly what the information on the pattern told me.

You should have seen my son's face when he came home from school and smelling the oven was, asked in surprise: "Mmm, mam, what are you baking???", me: "a doll".
Son (disapointed and wondering): a doll ???

After 15 minutes baking my doll turned out very,very, aged!! As if I had picked her up straight from a rubbish dump! No, this aging is too much.

So I started the whole process again with less instant coffee ......

Meanwhile my whole family had come home, and while we had dinner I was still aging a doll. Five persons were looking at me quizically: what's mom doing now??? I was acting as if it is normal to age a parts of a doll in the oven.

This time I was more satisfied. Still a bit too aged, but I learned a lot for next time. I aged everything with instant coffee, the dress, the bonnet and the skirt. When you start aging everything has to be aged :-)

Finally, Little Faithy is born. Here she is !

(...and her perfume is: Yes, instant coffee :-)


The Story of Little Faithy

I was born Faithy Trumbull in Ohio,
Excatly where, I still don't know.
Sewn from scraps of cloth and thread,
I had no face upon my head.

We trudged along in our wagon train
As we made our way across the plain.
Each day, towards the setting sun,
We rode for hours 'til we were done.

Little four-year-old Sissy held me tight,
on her lap all day, on her pillow at night.
She'd look at me in a funny way,
She'd turn to her mother, and she would say:

Momma, my Faithy doesn't have a face
Don't worry, Sissy,that's no disgrace.
Those with faces are so plain
All their expressions are the same
When Faithy's mood has a swing
Your imagination can paint anything.

When Sissy got old she forgot about me,
I sat on her cupboard waiting patiently.
If I had eyes I would have cried
When they laid me by the new babe's side.

As Betsy grew older she really loved me,
We talked of love as we drank our tea.
And only to her did I belong,
Wherever she went I tagged along.

But I got dirty and I got worn,
It'd been a while since I was born.
And as Sissy fixed the dress I wore,
I heard the words I heard before:

Sissy, my Faithy doesn't have a face
Don't worry, Betsy, that's no disgrace.
Those with faces are so plain
All their expressions are the same
When you're with Faithy every day,
You can see her face in your own way.

Although Betsy was my best friend,
Every good thing must sometime end.
So they put me in a trunk to keep,
On soft blankets so I could sleep.

How many years I softly slumbered,
How many dreams, sweet unencumbered.
But somebody finally remembered me,
And opended the lid and set me free.

There was Betsey's wrinkled face,
And another woman I couldn't place.
And a sweet girl of five or four,
And I heard those words before:

Momma, that dolly doesn't have a face
Don't worry, Carrie, that's no disgrace,
Those with faces are so plain
All their expressions are the same
She's had many faces on which to boast,
You can choose the one that you love most

Written by Larry Franz


Finn said...

Hi Lucy, she is absolutely gorgeous, and precious besides. She could have come out a very old trunk indeed.
You did a really great job with her, a treasure for your girls someday I think. Keep up the great work. Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

Lucy - she turned out just perfect! It's easy to see Faithy is going to be very happy living with you *S*

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

How darling! And what a funny story you have about your family's bemusement at your hobby of doll aging. Faithy is an inspiration I will think about because I want to make a doll for my six month old grandaughter Sofia.

Kristi who lives near Trumbull county, Ohio

Beth said...

Lucy, she is adorable! There is a lady here in the States that we all buy Raggedy Annie dolls from, and she uses the coffee for aging and adds vanilla, so all the Annies smell like a vanilla coffee!

Idaho Quilter said...

Faith is adorable, I think the aging turned just right. What is the name of the magazine would love to have a copy, or the pattern. Yes it is fun to step out of quilting sometimes.

Patti said...

Little Faithy is marvelous! You did a wonderful job with her Lucy. Loved the story of the aging! I can just see the looks on your family's faces. So, now that you've made one, are you going to make more? When I was doing dolls - years ago - I found them to be just like quilts. You can't make just one!

Gerry said...

She is wonderful! And she does look very naturally aged. How fun that you added her to your blog banner.

MJinMichigan said...

What a wonderful doll! Please share the name and issue of the magazine the pattern came from. I bet lots of us would like to make one.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

How cute. You cracked me up when she came out too cooked! ;)

Paula said...

Wouldn't you think it a great idea if you took the "too aged" dolly parts and made another dolly? Then, you could have a drawing on your blog for her, and I MIGHT win!!!! Hint, hint!!

Kieny said...

Ha ha, this is very funny. The doll is lovely Lucy!

kjquilts said...

Yes, please tell us the magazine your doll came from. She is very sweet and you did a great job on her.

log cabin quilter said...

I am interested in getting the pattern also. I have been wanting to make a doll like this for a while. I love to make doll quilts and need at least one cloth doll to go with them!

nicky said...

How sweet! The clothes go with it so well too. I just love the colour you chose- she looks just like a real prairie girl.

Carolien said...

What a LOVELY doll!!!

Greetings, Carolien

Christine said...

She is gorgeous Lucy and I loved reading her story. I have a little dolly who wears a blue dress very similar to Faithys. Your new header picture is also very nice. Happy stitching.

cynthia said...

Faith is beautiful! I would like to know the name of the magazine too, I haven't made a doll in a long time and Faith would be a perfect quilting friend.

Melanie said...

Lucy, Faithy came out wonderful, you chose the perfect fabrics for her clothes. I also have this pattern and she is one of my favorite dolls to make.

Moorea said...

Lucy- What a funny story for your kids to be able to tell! She such a sweet doll. She is the perfect addition to your home. And she smells like coffee- and added plus!

Rosy said...

Adorable and inspriational!

trelly said...

It's very prettyyyyyy.

lil said...

Lucy, I have a pattern for an amish doll that is close to your Faith
yours is beautiful
could you please tell us in a poat how you did that coffe aging

quiltmom said...

Hi Lucy,
Faithy is a beautiful doll - if you enjoy stories about the settling of United States you may want to read "These is my words" by Nancy E. Turner. It is a diary of Sarah Agnes Prine who settled in the Arizona Territory. There are two more books in the series.
I have a little kit for a prairie doll that I bought from Mary Maxim ( a Canadian craft company ) years ago. It has an embroidered little skirt and is made of white cotton.
I may have to get that kit out and make her up...
Thanks for sharing your doll...

Susan said...

Faithy is beautiful. You were very creative in your writing of her aging process. Please share the source of your pattern...I love the simplicity of the doll's clothes especially the bonnet.
~Susan in Michigan

Judy said...

She turned out fabulous Lucy. Just perfect!

Nicole who makes the Raggedy Old Annie's uses a bit of vanilla in her coffee and her dolls smell just lovely! Try that next time and see how you like it.

Karen said...

Doesn't everyone bake fabric in the oven? I love your story!

atet said...

Oh -- she's lovely. If you still have the first set of pieces, you might try washing them and see if they lighten up a bit for you (I'm sure Faithy could use a friend!)

de vliegende koe said...

Love you new header with Faithy. Its a wonderful story!

Mar said...

she is aged to perfection, absolutely perfect!

Heidi said...

Oh Lucy! Faithy is absolutely gorgeous! Can I ask you which magazine she is in? I am from Ohio originally and have seen Faithy Trumbull patterns and dolls but they are too expensive for me. I have some Gail Wilson doll kits I won on eBay which are beautiful reproduction dolls. You might be interested in them. You did a superb job on little Faithy!

Hugs ~

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I'm probably too late here and no one will read this who wanted a pattern, but if you google Faithy Trumbull doll you will find a place to buy the pattern for 8dollars.

Dawn said...

I don't think she is aged too much at all! She is wonderful! And I LOVE the fabric you used for her hat and dress. This is soooo awesome! I can't believe how good it looks! I never can sew clothes, and she just looks sooo good! I"m jealous!

Wendy said...

I think she is prefect, I love to do the aging thing in the oven. I got the same reactions from my daughters.
Love your blog. I'll be back often.

Lea said...

OMG! I love her!!!!! You did a beautiful job on your prairie doll!
I have this magazine and I will go look for it.*S*
BTW, yes, doll making is pretty much a like cooking, isn't it?*LOL*

Bonnie said...

I am spending time catching up on your blog! You are so busy! And I love little faithy..she is darling! :cD


Studio Christine said...

faithy looks wonderful....

I wonder if a doll can be 'too aged'??

and I can imagine the 'cooking' smell making the family hungry.

you were feeding your spirit!

Catherine said...

She is gorgeous! Everything look so wonderful - her bonnet, her dress, the apron!

NanaKaren said...

I love Faithy! She is just perfect! I'd be interested in the pattern also. Thanks. Have fun making more and more dolls!

lydababes said...

Please tell me also about where you found the doll pattern. She is lovely....

Crazypatch said...

Gorgeous this doll and her perfume.
What funny story!
I laughed at the reaction of your son when you said that you did cook a doll.

mj said...

Hello, wjat a great doll and poem. do you mind sharing the name of the magaine so I too can make a little Faith.. thanks MJ