Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Between Christmas and New Year

It’s early in the morning. My husband is at work, my kids are still asleep (they are on vacation from school) and I’m sitting in a quiet house. I’m making my favorite cup of coffee. (Old fashion made with beaten milk)

Bonnie is back home. We had a great time together. We met so many friends. Quiltmania’s visit was a highlight, Bonnie’s classes at the shop was wonderful but most of all it was just good being together. I loved the moments that we sat on the couch quilting and chatting.
I received awesome presents from Bonnie. Look at this book! As you all know I like vintage goodies and Bonnie knows that I need to use an apron during my cooking and housekeeping ;-)

With the book she gave me this beautiful apron.

It’s so beautiful that I don’t dare to use it! I am afraid that I may stain it. I am going to search for the same kind of fabric so I can reproduce this lovely apron. Bonnie, thank you for your visit and all the beautiful gifts.

Christmas was very nice. I celebrated it with our families.

Right now we are in between Christmas and New Years Eve. This time of the year I always feel a bit strange. Don’t know why, Maybe because that the shops are overloaded with stuff and food. It’s just too much…
Maybe I’m just like my daughter who is always happy that everything is back to normal in January...

I also want to show you what I did with these fabrics!

I made a pincushion.

And it fits perfect on the top in my little tin with my rags. (which I use to fill a new Little Faithy)

I used a pattern from this magazine which I bought last summer in the US.



Kathie said...

Great pincushion Lucy, love the button and the string you used.
one can never have enough pincushions in my mind
glad you had a great visit with bonnie...

Bonnie said...

I am feeling quite the same way. The tree and everything will come down Jan 1st...but I am ready for it to be down NOW. I always feel a bit melancholy over new years. I'm not sure why, but I think it is because time goes so fast and we can never get it back. Did I do all I could? No...could I have done better....yes...Did I take anything for granted? Not on purpose. But I know I did. It's a great time for reflection.

Thank you for being my friend and taking me into your home and into your life!!


karenfae said...

I was ready for the holiday to be over as well and I took most everything down yesterday - now today all I have to tackle is the lights on the tree and the tree itself - everything else is put away - then of course I will have the house to clean :) glad the holiday is over though and get back to normal.

Denise (Nour) said...

Great work! How did you get the corners so square?

Connie W said...

First I want to comment on how pretty your blog looks, I love the starry background and the color scheme very much.

Having a dear friend come for a visit is such a treat. Sounds like you two had many memorable experiences.

About Christmas, I always feel a bit of stress about getting out the decorations, getting things done in time, so much to do; then Christmas Day happens and all the family gatherings are so wonderful and it all the extra work was worth it. But then after the parties and fun come to an end, I'm ready to remove the decorations and put them away until the next year, and I love the feeling of getting things all organized and tidy once again. January brings a feeling of renewal and orderliness and it's a good feeling.

Wishing you and your family a blessed and happy new year and lots of enjoyable moments in 2009.

boutcrazy said...

I love the pin cushion and the holder for it. What a great idea!

The "between" time for me is a way to go through my ideas for next year's projects. I try to get everything lined up so that I can start getting supplies (with some of the after Christmas specials). Usually my family draws names for the next year for gift giving at Christmas, so I work on those projects. This year they didn't want to draw so early (because some forgot who they had!). So I'll have to make some generic gifts this year.

Love the apron, my mother wears one like that, she made it.

Milah said...

Hi Lucy!

I'm glad you like my "Peppermint Twist!"

I'm so into aprons....I use to wear them when I was little then I stopped because they were out of fashion I suppose...you just couldn't find them. I'm glad they are coming back in style. I'm wanting to make some out of the 1930's reproduction fabrics. I have one apron I wear all the time and I'm getting rather bored with it. Maybe that will be my next project......maybe.

Moorea said...

It seems the build up to Christmas and then afterward as I relax causes me to be little blue. Also looking forward to the new year seems so overwhelming.

It has been so much fun to see you & Bonnie have such a fun time teaching and thrifting. You two make a great team.

Happy New Year! May all your stitches be tiny, may you be able to find just the right fabric every time, may you be able to finish every project you start!

Love, Moorea

Annemiek said...

Iek, januari... Dan krijg ik juist een dip: grijs, koud, grauw en niks leuks in het vooruitzicht (behalve nu dan een boek:)
T speldenkussen is goed gelukt zeg; mijn hoekjes zijn niet zo mooi vierkant. Lollig dat het zo precies in het bakje past!

YankeeQuilter said...

I sort of like the time between Christmas and New Years...a time to clean closets, fold fabric and just reflect. I also choose to say away from the stores...too crazy.

The little pincushion looks perfect in that pail...and you can always use another pincushion!

Happy New Year!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh that pincushion is perfect for your little tin! And what a great present from Bonnie! I've still been wanting to make an apron big enough for me like the one you made where it crosses in the back. I found the perfect pattern just before xmas. So now I just need to find time to do it!

Libby said...

Oh Lucy, I love those gingham aprons with the cross stitch. My grandma used to make them by the dozen to sell at her church fundraiser. I have one apron that she made and my mom used to wear and I treasure it very much *s*
Happy New Year!

Judy said...

Oh yes, that fabric brings back so many memories of my granny! Lovely apron Lucy!

Shari said...

So glad you had such a nice time with Bonnie. People are really what the holidays are about. It looks like an interesting book - and the little book of sayings as well. I like the pincushion...
Hope 2009 is very quilty for you!

La Tea Dah said...

Today I took down the tree --- it's always interesting to ponder how we look forward to something with so much anticipation and then feel so good when it's all cleaned up and put away. This week we are painting, choosing countertops, and having our new kitchen cabinets installed. Yah-hoooo!

I love the pin cushion!

Happy New Year to a really awesome person!


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the apron.... have one, not near as nice as that one. Love what you did with the little fabrics. I am inspired to make a little pincushion for my tin box....never thought to do that.

Janet said...

Hi Lucy,
Your apron is lovely! so is your pincushion :0)
I'm looking forward to January too - we're always away so much at Christmas and now I just want to stay home and sleep in my own bed under my own quilt.

Marianne said...

Yes, I agree, I feel somewhat adrift this time of year but January doesn't alleviate it, February does! Sweet pincushion, I hadn't seen that magazine here.

anna said...

It's very beautiful.
Happy new year!!! kisses.

Sacha said...

Très belles réalisations toutes sont des plus séduisantes et réussies
Bonne et heureuse année 2009 !