Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blue fabric II

It's here !!!! Yeah ... (a dancing Lucy)
I bet you can all guess what I will be doing today :-)

I don't receive only my blue fabric. The postman delivered two parcels. Kathie sent me a gorgeous pattern from Jeana Kimball, some beautiful fabrics and lovely needles, also from Jeana.

Ooo what a beautiful day !!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blue fabric

If you are all waiting to see more progress on the Mennonite Quilt, you'll have to wait. I cut most strips I need for this quilt, but I don't have enough of the Pennsylvania blue fabric. I immediately ordered more, and now I'm waiting for it.

...Meanwhile I'm drooling over Kathie's, Lorre's, Patty's and Panima's progress...

...Meanwhile I'm working on Pim's quilt...

...Meanwhile I'm reading other blogs. I found a very interesting post about a little plant I had almost forgotten. When I was 16 I was very impressed by these very old fashioned little African violets. I like the leaves, they look like velvet. The flowers are so cute. These plants are available in so many colors. I remember that I loved to propagate them. After I read Renate's post, I had to buy this little plant again. Thanks Renate.


(who can't wait until the blue fabric arrives)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm sewing again :-)

Last Saturday I taught an appliqué class in Amsterdam. One of my students showed me the newest McCall's Vintage Quilts. She offered me to borrow it from her. As soon as I came home I nestled myself on the couch with a cup of coffee and the magazine. Then it happened: I saw an irresistible quilt! Oh, what a beauty! I mailed Kathie, Bonnie etc. to show this inspiration. Kathie said: "Go for it Lucy"! And she wrote this very inspiring post. I received mails from other women who love to join us. What to do?? Yes, I dug in my closet to search for fabrics. It made me so happy. I think this quilt will get me out of my quilting dip.
Thanks Kathie :-)


update: Lorre and Patty decided to join us. This is going to be fun :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


He is always happy to see me, even when it is very,very early in the morning.
Everyday he acts like a puppy, even though he is almost 9!
He always sits next to me, whatever I’m doing.
He is always in for a walk (except in the rain)
He adores my children, DH,grandmas,grandpa, my friends, DH's friends,children's friends, neighbours, postman and I don't want to think about a burglar.
He is Joseph, my lover!


Ps,I'm working very hard on Pim's quilt. It is good to have a project I don't have to think about, just sit down and quilt, stitch by stitch.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quilting slump!!

I can't believe it myself, but I'm in a quilting slump !

I went through a lot of quiltbooks...nothing happened... I visited quilt blogs... nope. I dug in my pile of UFO' result :-/

While digging in my UFOs I remembered something which immediatley made me blush with shame; my son. I have been quilting since 1996 and I made so many quilts,but who hasn't a quilt on his bed ?????? Yes, my son. I started several times on a quilt for him. One ended in a UFO quilt. Do you see the log cabin blocks. I thought they would be nice for his quilt. Maybe 10 years ago I started a marinerss compass for him. Yes, I made these blocks all by hand. A few years later I discovered my machine and finishing this project seemed a problem to me,

then I remembered a conversation with my DS from a little time ago:

DS: "Mom when do I get my quilt? You have been working on it for almost 10 years....."
Me: uuuhhh .....(Shame shame)
DS: Mom, right now I would even be happy even with a pink quilt with flowers. It doesn't matter, I want to have a quilt made by you.
(He knows I love pink fabrics with flowers)

While I was chatting with Kathie about my quilting slump, I decided to baste this top for him immedialtey. I can keep the quilting simple and work fast. It can't be that all my girls have a quilt and my son hasn't! I have to get rid of that "shame" feeling.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It is January 1, 2008.

The temperature is 4°C, the tempurature of the seawater is 6°C.

Look, who are coming down the stairs???

One is wearing a pink and one a blue dressing gown, but not for longgggg.

These brave girls are running into the cold water for a New Year's Dip!!!


Believe me I saw the girls went entirely under water!!!

Time for a nice hot shower!!

I'm so proud of them!! It is so brave to do a New Year's Dip into the cold sea, but doing it with a big smile from the beginning till the end is a victory!!!!

These girls are my daughter Natasja (at the left) and her friend Jessica.



Picture is taken on our trip to the Smoky Mountains 2006