Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goat farm

Patti was wondering what we were doing at the goat farm. Our 13 year old loves animals and they love her back. It is so special to see her with the animals, she lights up and is so happy. Being a special needs child when she is happy we are happy.
Unfortunately for her we live in a city. Going to the farm lets us escape the city and enjoy a bit of the country for a few hours. Luckily for her we have a dog, Joseph. They are Joseph are so special to each other. We also have two guinea pigs. Our 13 year old is the one to take care of them and I think nobody in the world can do that better than she does.

Since we can't run a farm at our place (something she would love), we visit the goat farm once in a while. The children can feed the goats for a little fee.

They also can feed little goats a bottle of milk. Or what our 13 year old did, feed a big pig a bottle!!

A perfect day for our 13 year old and the goats! (and for her mom who enjoy this trip as much as she does )


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At the goat farm. Isn't she cute :-)



A few days ago I started my new purple quilt. I LOVE how it is coming along. For a beautiful quilt you need beautiful fabrics. I can't search in this mess for beautiful fabrics anymore. Time for a real makeover!

For a moment I almost regretted I started it. My Darling (read: featherweight) was calling me all the time, even in this mess. I knew that ordering my fabrics in this closet would take more time than I wanted.

Finally, after hours, a night sleep and more hours it looks like this :-)

Wow, what a difference! That gives a satisfying feeling. Pfff.. Time to relax..

What’s that! No!! I left this golden box filled with darning wool on my stove. It came out of the mess and it needs a place back in the closet. Hmm, maybe I can organize the wool from the golden box into a smaller box, then I will find a place.

I'm ready to sew :-)


Ps... Maybe you wondered why this post is called painter. Maybe you are wondering how I can turn this closet into such a mess,

Well when I'm sewing I feel just like a painter, instead of throwing with paint I throw my fabrics all around me, sorry I can't help it. I enjoy the sewing part so much that I can´t think about folding the used fabrics....
I don't have a sewing room. I sew in my living room (actually my living room is my sewing room) I need the table for sewing and for our dinners. So what to do a few minutes before I have to serve dinner? Yes I grab all the fabrics and squeeze them into the closet!
My intention is to keep this closet tidy for a while, but I can't promise ;-)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Too many ideas...

Do you know the problem: too many ideas...

I have a great idea with this purple fabric! I bought it a few years ago. It is patiently waiting for when I'm ready for it :-) Today, tomorrow??

Kathie showed me her 'March quilting plan'. So beautiful, I made blocks of this pattern years ago. They never made it into a quilt. Shall I join her? It is a lot of fun to sew together, and these blocks will end in a top :-)

LaDonna showed me a quilt her mother bought years ago. The quilt is very special to her. I love it! I have wanted to make this pattern ever since I have been quilting. So I thought it should be fun to make this quilt together. I will use these fabrics for the first block. First I have to buy a solid which goes with the flowers!

In the meantime I haven’t forgotten Pim's quilt! I promised him (and Tracey inspired me) this quilt would be finished in April!

Too many ideas... believe me these are just a few; I have a lot more :-)
I love to dream about every single idea I have.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

WOW !!!!!

Wow!! I'm very impressed by the amount of comments I received on my Mennonite Mosaic!
Thank you so much! It is overwhelming. I love every word you wrote. This quilt was so easy and fun to make. I think it is beautiful in its simplicity :-)

I'm not the only one who made this beautiful quilt: Kathie, Lorre, Panima, Lil, and Patty joined me! It was a pleasure to make with so much company.

Last week I didn't feel well. I was dealing with a terrible infection; not so much quilting going on here at the moment. I hope I'm feeling better next week, so I can continue with Pim's quilt :-)


Picture: Spring on my windowsill.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ta Daaahh

It is a pleasure to show you my FINISHED Mennonite Mosaic top!

Waving in the wind...

For a moment the wind died down. Yes..snap.. picture.

Folded patiently waiting for quilting stitches, but first I have to finish Pim's quilt :-)


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mennonite Mosaic

After I fixed a terrible mistake with the seam allowance in three rows, I could start sewing them together.

What beautiful colours. It's a pleasure to work with them! They make me so happy.

Blocks A are done. Up to 8 blocks B, they will form the pattern :-) I really can't wait to see it grow.