Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just before we left for our vacation I saw on some blogs knitted dishcloths. Lynn gave me one as a present and I do like it very much. Especially the very nice vintage look :-) Knitting dishclothes would be perfect to do on our vacation.

I read that they are made from very absorbing cotton, and I decided to buy the cotton in the US. Before leaving I printed out two patterns and lucky me on our first grocery shopping I found the Lion Cotton, worsted weight which is highly recommended for dishcloths.

My knitting experience was from almost 20 years ago. I knitted a scarf for my brother (which I never finished.....). Never mind, I started knitting the first dishcloth and it was just like riding a bike you never forget how to do it.

I never thought that knitting these dishcloths could become so addictive!! I love this pattern very much. I found it on Deb's beautiful blog: Homespun Living. Thank you Deb!

Only I made them with a smaller red strip as on the pattern.... by mistake. I lost the pattern somewhere during our trip. I thought to remember the pattern was with one strip :-)

How do I like the result!

And what to think about a blue strip?

Look, as you see I was in a knitting mood. This version has a red, natural, and blue strip. :-)

Knitting along I thought a red and blue could be also very nice ;-)

See, I got the dishcloth knitting fever and I tried a different pattern.

This is the traditional pattern: on the diagonal...

I have to admit that they are not only fun to make; they are also very great to use!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back in blogging world

After a break from more than 7 weeks I'm back in blogging world. Where do I have to start! I ended my last post with this covered wagon...

...and this was 'our' covered wagon for three weeks. We went for a vacation to Washington and Oregon! We have seen so much, we have done so much! Riding in an RV through the country, and not knowing where we sleep in the evening is to me the ultimate feel of freedom! Let me give you a little impression of our vacation.

We have been to Jimmy Hendrix's grave. --Very important for the men in my family-- It was impressive to be there. Still today Jimmy Hendrix is giving inspiration to so many guitar players. He was unique. It's so sad that he died so young!

We celebrated July 4 in Fort Vancouver. A festival visited by 65.000 people! With at the end a big firework!

Mount Rainier is amazing beautiful! There was still snow. We have been in the snow in summer! Wow, that was fantastic!

The Oregon coast with his beauty! We drove from Lincoln City to Bandon. We saw different landscapes from the rocks till sandy beaches and dunes.

From the first time that I have been to the US I love TRUCKS! Especially when they carry these big logs! How tough!

From the coast we went inlands, into the woods with their beautiful creeks!

And not only creeks. What do you think of waterfalls!

I have never seen such a beautiful color blue as Crater Lake. It's difficult to picture the right blue. I can tell you it was very impressive!

Some of you spotted me on other blogs during my break, LOL. Yes I have been in Sisters!! I met Bonnie and her friends. We had a few amazing days!

Well, we have been in the snow on the mountain, along the coast, waterfalls, creeks, woods and what about this cove! I love this kind of nature.. It's so beautiful, to me so America.

The endless roads...
We drove along the Columbia River! Can you imagine, about 100 years ago families travelled here in covered wagons searching for a new home!

After three weeks we arrrived in Seattle. From this place we flew home, full with new experiences!

This was amazing. From the airplane I saw the top of the mountain through the clouds....

This is a short impression of our vacation. I can tell you much more. We took hundreds of pictures...

Next post I will show you what I have made during my blogbreak, after all this is a craft blog hè :-)