Monday, September 15, 2008

A finished quilt

Maybe some readers do remember this post. Finally I can tell you that I completed this quilt!

I quilted the borders with a feather. (When you enlarge the picture you can see the feathers on the border) I used the method from this book: 'Quilting with Style' by Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham. I LOVE this book. It has a lot of good information for hand quilters.

Pim is very happy that he finally has a quilt of his own. Even though it has pink fabrics and flowers :-) I'm happy that he is so happy.


-Machine pieced
-Hand quilted
-Batting: 100% organic Hobbs. (I will never use this again. It is terrible for hand quilting. The needle won't slide nicely through the batting.)

Monday, September 08, 2008


This Log cabin quilt from the show inspired me so much. It represented the wonderful feeling I had about the weekend in Friesland.

Enthusiastic I started cutting and sewing. After a few blocks I thought that the blocks became big, very BIG :-/

I looked up to the original in the book and then I realise that I made a mistake in the calculation. Well what could I do? I had already sewn 5 blocks! So I kept going on and after a few days...
I could let the wind play with this finished top :-)

My BIG BLOCK log cabin. It has the feeling were I was looking for.

The feeling I feel when I see the farms in Friesland!
So nice to capture in a quilt the wonderful feeling I had at the small quilt show in the little church.

Drawing made by Rien Poortvliet

finished block size: 22.50 inch !!!!!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Passing on the comfort

A few weeks after our vacation I read that there was a little quilt show in Friesland. The quilts which were shown are from the book: 'Passing on the comfort'. I've read the book a few years ago. I knew that the quilts were travelling through the US. What I didn't knew that they were back in the Netherlands. As soon as I read it I told my DH that we are going for a weekend to Friesland.

The book is very impressive and so was the little show in Friesland. It's the story behind the quilts what makes them so outstanding!

We love Friesland. It's our favorite part of The Netherlands. The countryside is so beautiful. I love seeing the beautiful churches in the small villages.

Behind the dike at the left hand is the Waddenzee. Look how peaceful. If you enlarge the picture you can see a typical old Dutch style boat.

I had to capture our wonderful weekend in a quilt. I was inspired the most by the beautiful log cabin quilt I saw. So I grabbed my ruler, fabrics, nice music on en started cutting, sewing and singing....

To be continue :-)


Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Redwork is also a very nice hand project to take along. It doesn't need much space and is very relaxing to do. I made this “Red work Splasher” on our trip in the US. I found this nice vintage pattern in the book "Four block quilts" by Terry Clothier Thompson.

I used ecology cloth as background and DMC 304 thread. Which gives a very vintage feel.