Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Between Christmas and New Year

It’s early in the morning. My husband is at work, my kids are still asleep (they are on vacation from school) and I’m sitting in a quiet house. I’m making my favorite cup of coffee. (Old fashion made with beaten milk)

Bonnie is back home. We had a great time together. We met so many friends. Quiltmania’s visit was a highlight, Bonnie’s classes at the shop was wonderful but most of all it was just good being together. I loved the moments that we sat on the couch quilting and chatting.
I received awesome presents from Bonnie. Look at this book! As you all know I like vintage goodies and Bonnie knows that I need to use an apron during my cooking and housekeeping ;-)

With the book she gave me this beautiful apron.

It’s so beautiful that I don’t dare to use it! I am afraid that I may stain it. I am going to search for the same kind of fabric so I can reproduce this lovely apron. Bonnie, thank you for your visit and all the beautiful gifts.

Christmas was very nice. I celebrated it with our families.

Right now we are in between Christmas and New Years Eve. This time of the year I always feel a bit strange. Don’t know why, Maybe because that the shops are overloaded with stuff and food. It’s just too much…
Maybe I’m just like my daughter who is always happy that everything is back to normal in January...

I also want to show you what I did with these fabrics!

I made a pincushion.

And it fits perfect on the top in my little tin with my rags. (which I use to fill a new Little Faithy)

I used a pattern from this magazine which I bought last summer in the US.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello From Haarlem!

It has been a whirlwind week with the two of us running around non-stop!

My flight arrived at 5:10am Netherlands time on Tuesday. Of course, I was still feeling like it was monday.....my body clock in complete rebellion due to a plane load of screaming babies. :c( I felt so bad for those mothers. I remember what it was like to travel with small children, and if MY body clock was screaming, I can just imagine how the babies felt!

Just about the time things would get quiet, and we would setttle in and start to drift off, the flight attendant would come by with drinks, or coffee, or a meal, or a snack, or the announcement to buckle your seat belt and stay in your seat due to turbulence....you get the idea?

The flight actually got is in almost an hour early! So I was able to go through customs and pick up my luggage quicker than expected, and I came through into the waiting area just after Lucy arrived.

It was very foggy, and felt like another world as we drove from Schipol airport back to Lucy's house. Everyone was still asleep, but soon to wake up and I found myself in the hustle and bustle of a busy family morning. Kids needed breakfast, and off to school they went in their own directions.

A quick shower and pretty soon a knock on the door......the editor and photographer from Quiltmania arrived, along with our quilting friend Joes from Amsterdam for a fun day of interviewing, quilt showing, lunch, and photoshooting!

Wednesday Joes came back to Lucys, bringing with her Tonya and Isabeau, and we enjoyed seeing all of Lucy's projects. Her buffet cabinet reminded me of Mary Poppin's carpet bag.....more quilts came out of there than we possibly could imagine fitting in there!

Thursday, we visited a lovely working windmill, built in 1779! It is still used to this day for grinding grain into flour, and the flour is supplied to many local bakeries who proudly display the fact that their flour comes from this mill. inside the mill you could see how everything is as it always was...no digital or electric ANYTHING! The wind powers the windmill blades, which turn the grinding stones, and the flour comes out where it is bagged.

The workshops were too wonderful to imagine. I am truly humbled beyond words at the kindness of quilters. There were people from everywhere! One lady heard about the workshops, and decided this would be her birthday trip....she came from England. One lady also flew over from SWEDEN....because of the workshop here, she combined the workshop with an excuse to get her husband out of town, so they both came down to spend the weekend in Amsterdam. He walked around and visited the museum while she took the workshop with me. What a nice guy, eh?

Two ladies drove from Belgium.....the class was full, and she had to work, but she finished her work at 1:30pm, and drove over 200km and made it late in the afternoon for the book signing. I was just amazed they would come so far. After the second workshop we had a little gettogether, the quilt shop staff and I, some treats and drinks and visiting. I will post some photos on my blog when I have a chance.

Yesterday we drove to Spakenburg, a lovely old fishing village. The ladies there still where the traditional dutch costume to this day. OH!! Lovely fabrics...plaids and florals! We shopped a bit, ate lunch at the fish market, went to the museum where we had a sweet older lady as a tour guide...(she wore the traditional garb and told us all about it) Last evening we finally got a chance to SIT and put our feet up! Lucy and me....bliss.....both of us on the couch with hand quilting in our laps!

So..that catches me up to TODAY! the last day. What's up for
today? We might do some sewing here. {Piecing a mini for both of us is on our minds, but if we don't...we could each sew up an apron, because we bought fabric for that at IKEA....but I also think that today will be a good day to take a hike in the woods nearby, walking Lucy's dog. Just something simple.

The big send off tonight....Lucy's hubby plays guitar and sings in a blues band, and he has a gig tonight at a local pub. Lucy's brother will join us, and it will be a wonderful fun way to end my week here.

Any regrets? NO! Only there was not enough time to take a lot of good pictures outside. The weather also got in the way. When we went to Amsterdam it was dark, and hard to take pictures...but I have had a terrific time and hope to come back!

Having Fun in Haarlem....

Bonnie & Lucy

Monday, December 15, 2008


Our beautiful dreaming girl...


Sunday, December 14, 2008


I can hardly wait till Tuesday 6 am.. At that time my friend Bonnie arrives. I can't wait to chatter with her in person and laugh like silly girls. We will have a great week. Two nights sleep Bonnie!


Sunday, December 07, 2008


A few days before Sinterklaas I received another gift. Kathie knew that I would love to work with plaids. She sent me a kit from a quilt she made and I loved so much. She also sent me yards of ecology cloth. My readers know how much I like to work with this fabric. To me it has the antique feel I love so much
What a surprise that Kathie also sent me a big plastic bag with scraps. I recognize so many fabrics from projects Kathie worked on. These fabrics are very special to me.

Look how inviting the kit was. Kathie already cut the pieces into the right size. I only had to sew them together.

A few minutes later...

half an hour later...

almost two hours later, Ta daahh...

Thank you so much Kathie. I love this quilt. I hope to baste it this week and finish it soon!

Look what else I grab out of Kathie’s scrapbag. Wait and see what I’m going to do with this.


Sinterklaas was so good for me this year.

was so good for me this year!

Dawn sent me the most beautiful goodies. The box arrived a few days before Sinterklaas. I promised Dawn I would open it Sinterklaas evening. What a surprise!!! She made amazing note cards with pictures from my blog! Look at the doll. She is so cute with her little quilt. The tiny little sewing machine is a perfect addition to my sewing machine collection! I love the pink fabric. Thank you Dawn. You made my Sinterklaas evening :-)


Thursday, December 04, 2008


I took this picture yesterday on my morning walk with our dog Joseph.
You can see the dark clouds coming over. In a minute it hailed and thundered. The weather was cold, freezing. I love it when it feels as if the cold is biting my cheeks. I wonder if its because I was born in the winter.


Monday, December 01, 2008


After a lot of questions about the size of the squares, I realize that I forgot to write the details about my latest Doll quilt.

- Machine pieced.
- Hand quilted.
- Batting: 100 % Hobbs bleached cotton. (I used this batting because I had the right size leftover! I find this batting is perfect for my minis. It’s a thin batting which makes it easy to quilt.)
- Finished size: 74 cm. x 62 cm. (29 x 24 inch)
- The finished size of the tiny square is: 1.5 cm. That’s almost 5/8 inch.