Thursday, March 26, 2009


" Dit huis is proper genoeg om gezond te zijn, en stoffig genoeg om gelukkig te zijn."

It started with one little house made inspired by The Little Quilts houses. It's a very fun block to make from scraps.

With four houses I could make a mini quilt..

But sometimes an idea doesn't work.. I couldn't choose how to set them.

Nothing worked i.m.o.

I decided to go for simplicity, four houses together framed by a nice red fabric.

Quilted and almost the binding is done, BUT there is something. I still don't like it. The chimneys are blending in the doors.

So four new houses were easily made..

Yes this is better, just with sashings and cornerstones simple.

8 houses and two mini's further and I finally like it :-)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought about the post where I promised to explain how I make my writing space wider.

I found these two websites, since the sites are much better at explaining then I am, I decided to post the two links for you. ;-)

The blogger guide

Tricks for new bloggers


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Flour sacks

Thank you for your congratulations! It means a lot to me :-)


Flour sacks

A little time ago LaDonna, from Gracious Hospitality, saw flour sacks in her favourite antique shop. She thought of me because we are going to do a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt together. Thanks to her help I could buy these beauties.
Look how bright the colours of the labels are. I don’t know which year these flour sacks are dated. I don't think they are that old. Does anyone know more about them?
I don't dare cut the flour sacks. I will keep these in my collection of feed sacks.
Thank you LaDonna. The sacks are shining on my rack in my living room.


Thursday, March 05, 2009


I am so excited… look what I am holding in my hands!!!!! .
The newest issue of Quiltmania.

And the biggest surprise is that I’m in the magazine!
Quiltmania came to visit in December when Bonnie was here.They took pictures in our home of a few of my quilts. I’m so happy.

Who else is in the same issue? My dear friend Bonnie! Quiltmania wrote a very nice article about her new book!


Ps. Quiltmania choose 7 quilts of mine that they will publish with a pattern in future issues.

I bet some of you were wondering why I haven’t been posting about my quilts in progress, this is why!
When they are published in the magazine I will let you know . Once they are published I will post about them with pictures of the quilt..
This is so exciting for me.



Many of you have asked which issue I am in.
Its Issue no. 70.

The magazine comes out in the USA weeks later so you will have to look out for it.
You can find Quiltmania in Barnes and Noble, Borders, quilt shops and I am sure there are shops that carry it on line.
As soon as I hear it is available in the USA I will let you know.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Larger pictures

Some of you asked me how I enlarge some of my pictures. Larger as the 'large' size which is available in blogger.
I hope that the following information is helpful.

Upload your picture as usual. In medium size.
Like this...

When you read the Html of the picture you will see this:

WIDTH: 320px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 214px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0"

Here it comes..


- WIDTH: 320px into 640px
- HEIGHT: 214px into 428px

and read a bit further change

- s320 in s640

That's all and ta daaaahh here it is; the picture a bigger size.

Another question was how did I make my writing space wider. I have template 'Scribe' and a long time ago I customized it. My son taught me a lot. Bonnie showed me how to make a nice background and I read a lot of information sites about blogging. Since that was a long time ago I have to go back and take a look to see what I did. I will find which site was very helpful for me and I will post the link to thsi site.

I hope to give you more information about this in a few days. Please just give me some time :-)