Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi, life’s busy here,

I have started running again.. I run three times a week approx. 4.9 miles. I enjoy it so much. I guess running is as addicting as quilting :-) I’m thinking of a splendid goal…I want to run the marathon of New York when I’m 50!! ( well keep dreaming Lucy ;-) Right now I’m 43 so I have loads of time to train for it .

Finally I’m working on my small Amish Lone star. I’m teaching the Lone star as a workshop and I think an Amish quilt is a good example to show.

This was my first choice of fabrics.

But somehow I have always blue and red in my quilts. So I decided to change the blue and then also it ended up that I changed some other colors too. But now I miss the blue..

Well it is time to choose the background.
I will keep you up posted