Thursday, July 02, 2009

Finished top

.... And then I had 8 star points. Which background should I use?
I wanted to use fabric from my stash.

A dark pink? .. hmm nope.

Mustard?... nice but it doesn't have that WOW!

A dark grey?.. Also nice. But what is under the dark grey fabric. Yes BLUE!

The blue is calling me. I can't help it.
A light blue?
Yes this is the fabric I like, a darker petrol blue! Yes.

The star is coming together...

Only the tricking thing from a lone star is the center. It's the last sewing part. I'm always a bit nervous for it. Afraid that I sewed a bra!

Pinning carefully.
And there it goes..
pfeww! I'm satisfied. The center is nice and flat!

I also used in this quilt solids from Kaffe fasset. I love to mix them up with Kona solids. It gives such a nice Amish feel! The center is from a Fasset solid. So are the background and the green points.
I didn't have enough of the blue/petrol fabric. I used two different fabrics.

And ta dahh.. finished. My fingers are itching to quilt it. I love to quilt on solids. It brings the quilt alive! Unfortunately it has to wait. Some other projects need to be finished first.

(who had to use blue in this quilt :-)