Thursday, October 15, 2009

Elk Rapids Gwen Marston part 2

A highlight for me this trip was to meet Nancy Ray. Nancy is the owner of the antique tulip quilt I was inspired by to make my own version. It is published in Gwen's book Liberated String Quilts. Nancy went to Gwen's retreat the week before I came. She stayed a few days longer just to meet me, how lucky was I? She wanted to meet me and showed me the original quilt. It was so special to see them together. Unfortunately I can show you a little peek of them together becuase some of the pictures will be hopefully published in Quiltmania march issue. My quilt will be published with a pattern. Isn't that amazing!

I also met Biz Storms and mary Elizabeth Kinch, authors of the book Small Blocks Stunning Quilts. A lovely book! I can highly reccomend this book if you are a lover from reproduction fabrics and quilts.
We took pictures of everything but I don't have a picture of us together. I know there were taken pictures. Hopefully the girls have them and will send them to me and I will post them later.

I am impressed by how small the world is. Carol from Quilt as Desired blog showed her quilt made by Dutch fabrics. Her mom and aunt bought these dutch fabrics in the shop where I work! Actually I helped her aunt choose fabrics. Isn't it amazing that Carol from Canada and me from The Netherlands now met each other in the USA and that I was able to see what Carol did with her Dutch fabrics :-)

And here she is, my idol, Gwen Marston with a pile of her beautiful quilts next to her...

to be continued....


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elk Rapids Gwen Marston part 1

Some of you already knew where I was last week. I was at the GWEN MARSTON'S QUIlT RETREAT!!!! Yeahh, what a thrill. I'm dealing with a jetlag right now and my mind is so full with all my experiences. I went with Isabeau, Joes and Bonnie.

It was beautiful up there in Michigan. The trees are turning in so many colors this week. I will share you pictures from the area I took

This is the view from the condo we rented.

and this was outside of the studio

Some pictures on the road to Charlevoix. It was raining that day.

We saw a few lovely old one room schoolhouses just like in the little house on the prairie.

and look at these big pumpkins,beautiful!!

to be continued