Monday, April 05, 2010

Jakob's ladder

Just a nice picture of the progress I'm making on my Jakob's ladder quilt.


Friday, April 02, 2010

Tulip Quilt

I'm so happy to tell you that my tulip quilt is published in Quiltmania issue 67. I made this quilt after I was inspired by the original antique version in Gwen Marston’s book: Liberated String Quilts. This quilt is owned by Nancy Ray.
Nancy Ray and Gwen Marston gave me permission to publish it in Quiltmania.
I am so lucky that I was able to meet Nancy Ray in Michigan last year at Gwen’s retreat. She brought the antique Tulip quilt to the retreat so we could photograph both quilts together. The original quilt made by an unknown woman about 100 years ago and my quilt which flew over the ocean for this meeting. It was very special to me. Thank you to Nancy and Gwen for allowing me to share my quilt with Quiltmania.

Michigan, oct.5 2009

Both quilts together

Nancy Ray and me.

At this moment is my quilt displayed at the shop where I work "De Sampler" in Haarlem.


The last picture is of me with my idol Gwen Marston !! It was such a thrill to spent 4 days with her in Michigan oct.'09